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In November 2007, added blogs to its meager arsenal of content, thereby insuring that that site's lifespan stretches to at least seven years. The following blogs are updated either frequently or occasionally, and are good for information, insight or maybe just a couple of laughs. Oh, they also have something to do with Hong Kong or Asian Entertainment. We hope.  


The Golden Rock
Site reviewer Kevin Ma a.k.a. LMFDean9 scours the web on an almost-daily basis to find the latest, greatest, and sometimes oddest of Asian Entertainment news. This news aggregator blog should keep you far more up to date than the regular website does, and is full of intelligent and frequently funny observations on the wackiness that is Asian Entertainment. Also, LMFDean9 is far more cool and hip than the Webmaster could ever be. Visiting The Golden Rock is like sticking it to the man.

The House Where Words Gather
Once upon a time, Sanney Leung and Hong Kong Entertainment News in Review ruled the online roost for Asian Entertainment news in English. Unfortunately, Sanney had to abandon the site due to personal issues, and since then his domain name has been taken by one of those dastardly online squatters. However, Sanney is back and blogging with The House Where Words Gather. Sanney was one of's earliest supporters, and we're grateful to have him here.
  Damn You, Kozo!'s resident evil mastermind, Webmaster Kozo, now has his own blog because he's a trend follower and simply must have what everyone else has. He also has an iPod, a Facebook account, and a PSP. Shouldn't a blog be next? Damn You, Kozo! replaces the once intermittently updated column Life with Kozo, which has since become extinct, just like dinosaurs and Sega game consoles. Sometimes, he may update his blog. You never know.


No Longer Updated:

  Ronin on Empty
Former reviewer Calvin McMillin's blog.


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