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Recent Additions and Changes

04/09/2017 - Jelly Lin, Darren Wang, Hedwig Tam, Fish Liew and Lang Yueting.

10/24/2016 - Kris Wu, Qin Hao, Maggie Jiang, Jacky Cai, Nana Ouyang, J. Arie, Anita Chui and Fire Lee.

12/23/15 - Guan Hu, Du Juan, Stone, Janelle Sing and Tom Lin Shu-Yu.

09/28/15 - Ding Sheng, Heidi Li Jing-Yi, Jil Wong Pak-Kei, Wang Qianyuan and Ni Dahong.

04/19/15 - Adrian Kwan Shun-Fai, Christie Chen, Lu Han, Eric Kwok Wai-Leung, Philip Yung Chi-Kwong and Ni Ni.

01/25/15 - Ryan Zheng Kai, Candy Yuen Ka-Man, Kabby Hui Nga-Ting and Choi Si-Won.

10/23/14 - Added Hao Lei and Lin Gengxin.

09/06/14 - Added Wallace Chung, Wang Luodan, Tyson Chak, Tong Liya and Leste Chen.

06/14/14 - Added Roy Chow Hin-Yeung, Babyjohn Choi, Ivana Wong, Venus Wong Man-Yik, Steve Yoo, Dominic Lam Ka-Wah, Mak Ling-Ling, Jinny Ng Yeuk-Hei, Wang Xuebing and Chen Sicheng.

03/04/14 - Added Michelle Loo, Dada Lo Chung-Chi, Gao Hu, Joe Chen and Carlson Cheng.

01/28/14 - Added Jason Chan Pak-Yue, Alex Lam, Baobeier, Liu Yan, Michelle Hu and Louis Cheung.

12/02/13 - Added Sharon Chan, Hanjin Tan, Angel Chiang and Yu Nan.

8/02/13 - Added Zhang Guoli and Yang Zishan.

4/14/13 - Added Adam Wong Sau-Ping, Cherry Ngan Cheuk-Ling, Hai Qing, Wu Xiubo and Ziyi.

1/20/13 - Added King Shih-Chieh, Kam Kwok-Leung, Zhang Jin, Daniel Chan Yee-Heng, Felix Lok Ying-Kwan, Dominic Ho Hou-Man, Sammy Sum Chun-Hin, Kimmy Tong Fei, Bob Lam Shing-Pun, Calvin Poon Yuen-Leung and Joyce Cheng Yan-Yi.

11/20/12 - Added Oscar Leung Lit-Wai, Bryan Chang Shu-Hao and Ko Chen-Tung.

10/16/12 - Added Evelyn Choi, Justin Cheung Kin-Seng, Mark Wu Yiu-Fai and Mandy Lieu.

10/05/12 - Added Chen Kuo-Fu, Annie Yi, Wilson Chin Kwok-Wai, Xiao Shenyang, Zhao Benshan, Jimmy Wan Chi-Man, Gregory Wong Chung-Yiu,Ah Niu, Nikki Hsieh and Wu Gang.

About the Biographies

The biographies on some of the People Pages were researched and written by a variety of people. The following people can be credited—and blamed—for the words printed.

Yinique (AKA: Yin Szeto) was born in Canada when Neil Finn was still in Split Enz and Nicholas Tse was a mere (harmless?) toddler. She was left in front of a television at a young age and, as a result of too many bad sitcoms and screwball HK movies before the age of ten, has become rather eccentric and cynical (Dammit, Wong Jing has scarred me for life!).

Writing before even learning the alphabet, Yinique believes that she could have been a child prodigy had proper nurturing been provided. She is currently an insane insomniac Psyc Major who studies/procrastinates with obscure British bands blaring in the background. She is presently flat broke and can only watch new HK movies vicariously through the words of snarky and non-snarky reviewers. What Yinique does have access to, however, is vast amounts of useless info on various actors/actresses, thus explaining why she volunteered to do bios.

Yinique has been watching HK movies since she was five or six years of age. Sadly, she missed out on many of the classics because a) she was too young at the time to appreciate them and b) her family had really bad taste and preferred to see Chow Yun-Fat in Fractured Follies rather than The Killer. She's waiting for money to fall from the sky so she can build her own super-duper film collection.

Calvin McMillin

James Percy


Jennifer Marley

Top People Pages
for the last 3 months

  1. Andy Lau
  2. Stephen Chow
  3. Louis Koo
  4. Nick Cheung
  5. Donnie Yen
  6. Loletta Lee
  7. Chow Yun-Fat
  8. Jackie Chan
  9. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
  10. Anthony Wong
  11. Cecilia Cheung
  12. Wong Jing
  13. Nicholas Tse
  14. Johnnie To
  15. Jeana Ho
  16. Chrissie Chau
  17. Chapman To
  18. Ekin Cheng
  19. Jing Tian
  20. Lau Ching-Wan
  21. Dada Chen
  22. Jet Li
  23. Shu Qi
  24. Sandra Ng
  25. Angelababy
  26. Takeshi Kaneshiro
  27. Andy On
  28. Francis Ng
  29. Simon Yam
  30. Kimmy Tong

About the Filmographies

The filmographies contained within these pages were created from a number of sources.

The single greatest information source was The Hong Kong Movie Database at Many thanks to Ryan Law, who generously allowed us use of his fine work.

Additional information was obtained from:

The Chinese Movie Database
HK Entertainment News in Review
The Special Administrative Region
The Internet Movie Database

About the Links

Many of the People Pages contain links to a corresponding page on the M-Dream Website, which in turn house many links to fansites, picture archives and discussion forums for many of Hong Kong's popular celebrities.

Our thanks to David Bennet, esteemed webmaster of The M-Dream Website, for his hard work in compiling the links, and for the use of his pages.

About the Pictures

The pictures on the People Pages were taken from a variety of sources. Some were taken from online webpages, while others were captured from video sources. In no instance does this site engage in bandwidth theft. Any questions or concerns about picture usage can be directed here.

The list below does not cover every picture source, but it does credit the vast majority.

Chinastar Entertainment
Deltamac Co., Ltd.
Fitto Mobile Laser Co., Ltd.
Golden Harvest Pictures
The Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd.
Mega Star Video Distribution, Ltd.
Panorama Distributions Co., Ltd.
Tai-Seng Home Video Marketing
Universe Laser and Video Co., Ltd.
Widesight Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Winson Entertainment Distribution, Ltd.


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