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Last Site Update: June 5, 2020

Site Review Count: 2386

OF THE 2010s

Four months after we announced it,
we're finally starting our countdown for
The Best 75 Hong Kong
Films of the 2010s
For the next few weeks we'll be
revealing the films as voted upon
by over 130 readers and passerbys
of LoveHKFilm.com. Each person took
time ouf of their busy lives to send in
lists of movies that they like,
even if the movie was as bad as Meow.
Check Damn You Kozo for
tbe newest updates.
SPOILER: You will not see Meow
in the Top 75.

So, how about that 2020, eh?
LoveHKFilm.com is finally revealing the results of our Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s reader vote and it's been a long time coming. We're sorry for taking so long to get it done, but life seldom waits for dumb things like website updates. Usually it just barrels forth, ruining your plans and even your fortunes, if it's feeling frisky.

Apparently, life is SUPER frisky right now because everything is in a state of destablization and disarray that would impress even the most dedicated pessimist. It's kind of amazing, actually, how totally effed up everything is. If you tend to be complacent or cavalier about these things, we ask you to stay alert. If you're freaking out, please calm down. Panic helps nobody.

We hope that during all this wacky and worrisome chaos that you find the time to watch new Hong Kong movies. It's a dumb message but it's all this dumb website is authorized to suggest because, well, this is a Hong Kong movie website. We don't know how to solve the world's problems and don't feel comfortable pushing any particular solution. But man, we do like a good Hong Kong movie every once in a while. So that's all we'll say.

Take care of yourselves.

  Previous Updates

NEW for June 5, 2020
- Started the countdown for the Best 75 Hong Kong Films of the 2010s.
- Added reviews of Project Gutenberg (2018), Our Time Will Come (2017), Love Education (2017), mon mon mon Monsters (2017), On Happiness Road (2017), At Cafe 6 (2016).

NEW for February 2, 2020
- Started voting for the Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s.

NEW for April 9, 2017
- Added the results of the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards.
- Added the results of the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.
- Added reviews of See You Tomorrow (2016), The Great Wall (2016), Soul Mate (2016), I Am Not Madame Bovary (2016), L For Love, L For Lies Too (2016), Sword Master (2016), Sky on Fire (2016), McDull: Rise of the Rice Cooker (2016).



In 2012, we held a Reader Vote to determine the Best Hong Kong Films Ever. Over 160 people voted. This is their story. (more)


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