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Complete Nonsense
Site Review Count: 1319
Last Update: Saturday, April 1st
Next Update: Monday, April 3rd

The Truth is revealed:
Hong Kong Radio Personality
and sometimes maligned actor
DJ Sammy
is the Webmaster of

Since 2002, DJ Sammy has been fooling
everyone into thinking he's some
banana from California named Kozo.

this revelation has
no significance whatsoever,
except it explains why
Kozo says he has no time.
Who can run a website when
you're appearing in movies like
My Sweetie, Love Undercover,
and My Kung Fu Sweetheart?
At least the Webmaster knows
Karena Lam, Miriam Yeung and Cecilia Cheung.


"All this time I thought
DJ Sammy was my friend.
What a letdown. I may never
trust Japanese people again."

"And to think that
Kozo was such an
amazing actor...I loved
him in Super Model!"

"I think DJ Sammy created his
Kozo persona to deal with
his secret shame of working
with Wong Jing. I really pity him.
Only total idiots would ever
work with Wong Jing!"

"How can Kozo criticize
All About Love after appearing in
Kung Fu Mahjong 2?
Talk about hypocrisy!
I'm going to make
like Tom Cruise and sue!"

"Who cares? I'm just
pissed off because
someone caught me
wearing this crappy hat!
Thanks for the present,
Gillian! Dumb broad."

"This is great! I know
where DJ Sammy lives!
Me and Jordan are heading
over there right now
to kick his ass!
Damn you, Kozo!"

"What the hell did I just pose for?"

Thanks to Sean Tierney,
YesAsia.com, Cathay Pacific Airlines,
Macromedia Dreamwaver, Adobe Photoshop,
and of course DJ Sammy
for making this moment possible.

We would have gotten Ekin Cheng for this photo,
but it simply wasn't in the cards.
Maybe it'll happen in 2007.




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