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The following people became official sponsors of in a number of ways. A) They sent a donation. B) They provided review materials for the website. Some sponsors have even donated on more than one occasion. To those people, we double our thanks. Someday we may even give them space for two quotes.

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Sherwin Abesamis

Imanol Atutxa
Basque Country

Paul Baker
United Kingdom

Kristin Barnet
Flushing, New York, USA

Bernadette Bordador

Jeff Bos
Willow Glen, California, USA
"We sell goldfish here?"
-- Tony Leung Chiu-Wai to Faye Wong in Chungking Express

Kenneth Brosson

Gray Carper
King of Sponsors
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
"Brother, you look fabulous as a woman!"
-- Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Ah Long in Chinese Odyssey 2002

Gary Chapman

John Charles
Hong Kong Digital

Charles Chen

Christie Cheng
Monterey Park, California, USA

Shelley Cheung
Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA

Gene Hall Chin
Oakland, California, USA

Richard Chin

Jeff Chiu
Waco, Texas, USA
"What we do in life echoes in eternity"
-- from Ridley Scott's Gladiator


John J. Cristobal
Hayward, California, USA

Kyle Cornelius
San Jose, California, USA

Beth Dean

Rena Dein
Fremont, California, USA

Elizabeth Delladedova
Oakton, Virginia, USA

Huy Do

Eight Horses
Playboy Mansion, California, USA
"Sailor Moon. Merry X-Mas. Merry X-mas. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon. Hellloo Kiiiitttttyyyyyy"
-- Eric Kot as Hui-Lok in Feel 100%

Scott Favarielle
Fremont, California, USA
"Business is like shi**ing. Smoothness is important."
-- Simon Yam in Full Contact

Peter Fischer

Lily Therese Fong

Robin Gibson
Long Beach, California, USA

"I am also an escapist, I like to project myself into a world of fantasy.When I get in touch with films, I find it is something I am looking for, this fantasy world."
-- Tony Leung in an interview

Glenn Griffith
Dunkirk, Maryland, USA
"Thanks for the greatest HK film website ever! But I have to ask: am I the only person who actually likes Cecilia Cheung and thinks she's a decent actress and an okay singer?"

David Harris
Belvedere, United Kingdom
"I'm a doctor, not a pathologist!"
-- A goofy gweilo from Fist of Legend

Douglas Harvilla
Everett, Washington, USA

Thomas Herlofsen

Evan Kao

Mohamed Khan

Won Kim
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Tami Lau

Lily Lam

Anita Le
Fountain Valley, California, USA

Tricia Lee
San Francisco, California, USA

Adam Levy
Wellington, New Zealand

Arthur Liu

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
"Great site and congrats on the milestones! Keep those reviews coming and for the love of Sammi, don't sell her CDs."

Kevin Ma

Emily Mak
Dover, New Jersey, USA

Danyan Mao
Washington, D.C., USA

Les May
Big Sur, California, USA

Paul McBirde
Toronto, Canada

Kevin McCullough

Calvin McMillin

Richard Miles

Mark Morrison
Heroic Cinema

Hung Van Nguyen
Garden Grove, California, USA

Ken Nguyen
Fremont, California, USA

John San Nicolas
Hagatna, Guam

Ryan Passmore

James Percy
United Kingdom

Karen and Leo Pesce
Campbell, California, USA

Kelly Todd Pierce
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ivan Puffy
Oakland, California, USA
"Hardest button to button."

Aya Saichi

Christian Sarron
San Francisco, California, USA

John Schuler

Peter Schultze
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Leilani Soto

Yin Szeto

Timothy Tai
San Francisco, California, USA

Jamay Takushi

Paul Tambellini

Audrey Tan
Brisbane, Australia

Didi Tanadjaja
La Jolla, California, USA

Joann Taylor
Richmond, Virginia, USA

KY Ting

Tennyson Tom

James Trejo
Sunnyvale, California, USA
"LoveHKFilm is the greatest Hong Kong website ever. Damn you, Ekin Cheng for making For Bad Boys Only! Kozo, you're crazy, The Wesley's Mysterious File is an artistic masterpiece. You just didn't get it."

Vicki Underwood
Columbus, Ohio, USA

James Willis
Toronto, Canada

Jeff Wong
Berkeley, California, USA

Tracy Wong

Tony Woo

Diane Woodbury
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Yang Xiao
New York, New York, USA

Tiffany Yee
Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA

Steve Yuen
Saratoga, California, USA


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