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Kozo in Hong Kong

The following feature originated back in 2002, when the Webmaster visited Hong Kong and took all sorts of pictures related—either directly or tangentially—to actual Hong Kong Cinema locations. He also challenged the readers to find other esoteric HK movie locations during their own trips to Hong Kong. These are the results of that challenge.

Archived Submissions

November 2004
Jackie Chan spotted in Hong Kong by Paul Tambellini! Not a hoax!
Sanjuro visits Jackie's Kitchen in Hawaii! Orders food and takes pictures in the bathrooms!

August - September 2004
Part One of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - Moonlight Express and A Better Tomorrow
Part Two of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - Infernal Affaris, City of Glass, Lavender, and Heroic Duo
Part Three of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - Needing You, Enter the Phoenix, and Jiang Hu
Part Four of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - The Breaking News Edition
Part Five of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - The Cyberport Theater, Fulltime Killer, and Love on the Rocks
Part Six of Gray Carper in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Avenue of the Stars!

July 2004
From Royal Tramp and Heroic Duo - submitted by Dr. Sean Tierney

March - June 2004
From PTU and The Legend of Speed - Submitted by Ryan Passmore and Daniel Lavoie

  From top to bottom: more screwy pictures taken by the Webmaster on his last trip to Hong Kong.    
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