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Hong Kong Film-Related Links

Featured Links
Gone But Not Forgotten
General Asian Film Sites
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Featured Links

The Heroic Sisterhood - A page where female fans discuss Hong Kong and other Asian Cinema, and you know what? That's AWESOME. Serious crititiques and serious humor populate this new addition to the online Asian Cinema community. NEW!
The Hong Kong Movie Database - The original Hong Kong Cinema websource, this Internet monstrosity can be credited to Ryan Law, whose generous work has benefitted more people than this website ever could. Joseph Fierro's late, great Hong Kong Cinema Database is currently housed here.
The Golden Rock - Site reviewer Kevin Ma, AKA: LMFDean9, maintains this very informative blog, which reports box-office figures and news from Asia -- all with informed and sometimes funny commentary. Updated quite frequently.
The House Where Words Gather - Not one to let a little thing like losing his site keep him down, Sanney Leung -- formerly of HK Entertainment News in Review -- maintains this literate and quite entertaining blog. Sanney's wit and intelligence make this an essential stop for anyone who cares about the ridiculousness that is the Hong Kong Entertainment Circle. If only he updated it more.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Hong Kong Entertainment News in Review - Once upon a time this was the Internet's foremost source for Asian entertainment news. Webmaster Sanney Leung's wit and intelligence were a welcome thing, especially when applied to the silliness that was the HK Entertainment circle. Sanney had to abandon the site after contracting some health difficulties. He's since recovered, but the domain name has been snatched up. Undaunted, Sanney continues to fight the good fight at his blog.
Canton - HK resident Paul Fox's review site was a great place to go for a local take on Hong Kong films. Sadly, it's no longer online, and someone took Paul's domain name. If you can help get it back, please contact us.
Another Hong Kong Movie Page - HK resident Tim Young's review site, which features views on current HK releases and a database of older ones. Young's pictures of HK's hand-painted theater billboards are an especially nice treat. Plus, he's written the most updated online resource for where to buy HK DVDs. You can find it here.
Kung Fu Cult Cinema - Popular news and review site has long been a favored online destination for the Asian Cinema faithful. Home to probably the most active and entertaining forum for Asian Cinephiles of all persuasions.
Variety Asia Online - Frequently updated news and reviews courtesy of the Asia arm of entertainment industry giant Variety. Also home to Grady Hendrix's Kaiju Shakedown.
M-Dream Website - You'll find a lot of HK-related stuff here, including an impressive collection of popstar-related links. However, what I love most about this site is a fantastic collection of personal photographs from Hong Kong. Well worth checking out. Asian Bay - From the makers of M-Dream, this useful DVD selling/trading site is the perfect way to reach the right audience plus get rid of those pesky Ebay fees.
Asian Card - Also from the makers of M-Dream, this free service allows you to send free Asian-themed e-cards to whomever you wish. Choose from over 3000 pictures, including many scenic shots of Hong Kong.

News and Information

MonkeyPeaches - Up-to-date Chinese and Hong Kong film news with plenty of graphics to satiate the visually-stimulated.
The Asian DVD Guide - The most complete online database for Asian DVD information, including new releases from Hong Kong. While updates are not as frequent as they used to be, you can still get lots of interesting information and discussion via their handy forum.
The Special Administrative Region - Hong Kong Top Ten - This site archives the HKSAR Film Top Ten Box Office updates that were formerly posted at alt.asian-movies and soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment. Updates still occur regularly, and are full of production info, film industry gossip and the usual fun columns by our Chaffing Editor.
Asian Pop News - Informative blog covering -- what else -- Asian pop, including movies, music, and television. The blog is also home to some entertaining reviews of older Hong Kong films.
Star East Asia Entertainment News - Comprehensive blog with Asian entertainment news and gossip. Well-organized and full of star photos. Between this, Asian Pop News, and the Daily Dumpling, you may have more star-related news than you could possibly require.
Asian Media Wiki - New resource for Asian films, including cast lists, images, and much more. Updated frequently.

General Asian Film Sites

Kung Fu Cinema - Exceptionally professional-looking site which has seemingly cornered the market on news, features and reviews under one roof.

The Hong Kong Movie Database - The original Hong Kong Cinema websource, this Internet monstrosity can be credited to Ryan Law, whose generous work has benefitted more people than this website ever could. Joseph Fierro's late, great Hong Kong Cinema Database is currently housed here.
Twitch - Roaring to the forefront of the online film scene, is a good place to go for news, reviews, and general chatter about Asian films and more.
The Chinese Movie Database - Mandarin-based database of Chinese films spanning Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan Productions. In English or Chinese (with Big-5 decoder). - Packed French site that covers Hong Kong Cinema, Japanimation and other Asian Cinema. Featuring reviews, pictures, DVD news and more. Once upon a time it was all in French, but that's no longer the case. Click on over to check out their ever-growing coverage of Asian Cinema.
City on Fire - Fun reviews and other entertaining content populate this site. Check out the "Quote Club", as well as the collection of "flubtitles" and MP3's. One of the best-looking Asian Cinema sites out there.
HK Cinemagic - Another site based in France, this bilingual (English and French) site features reviews, pictures, interviews and other assorted goodies.
Hong Kong Movie World - Fun collection of filmographies, pictures, who's who archives and other assorted stuff celebrating Hong Kong Cinema in all its weirdness. Webmaster Arash also runs sister (or is it parent?) site, which explores the world of cinematic psycho and all-around suave guy Simon Yam Tat-Wah.


The 14 Amazons - Review and DVD site run by Simon Booth, longtime Asian film online presence. His reviews have been posted before at various forums and also on HKMDB, and they're collected here for the very first time. New
Asian Cinema Drifter - Site that mixes reviews, news, and other assorted information on a variety of current Asian films. Frequently updated with a good dynamic design and a welcome sense of humor.
AsianMovieWeb - German/English bilingual site with plenty of reviews, news, and more. The soundtrack reviews are a welcome unique feature of this site. - Formerly, this massive and frequently-updated archive of film reviews is fast becoming an essential website for Asian Cinema and genre movie fans. Also home to an active forum, and plenty of personality.
The China Dragon - Smaller, but no less worthy Asian film review site with a host of features, reviews, and other information. Home to an invaluable guide to the mythical Hard Target Director's Cut.
A Chinese Cinema Page - A site filled with reviews, articles and other thoughtful observations on the state of Chinese Cinema, both past and present. Maintained by noted film writer Shelly Kraicer, who also maintains the Chinese Cinema List, an email discussion list on (you guessed it) Chinese Cinema.
Dragon's Den UK - Comprehensive British website loaded with helpful Asian Film and DVD reviews, as well as features, interviews, and even some downloaded multimedia!
Heroic Cinema - Australia's premier Asian Cinema website, formerly run by the esteemed Mark Morrison. Featuring showtimes, reviews and all sorts of other information. This site could make you want to move to Austraila.
HKCUK.CO.UK - Fast growing UK-located website has reviews of new and old Hong Kong movies, as well as filmographies, a forum, and plenty of welcome enthusiasm.
Hong Kong Cinema - View from the Brooklyn Bridge - One of the Webmaster's favorite review sites. Many of the reviews are candid, well-written and far more interesting than the films they cover. The site also house many fine features and pictures of Hong Kong personalities. Webmaster Brian and reviewer YTSL are fine people.
Hong Kong Film Net - Reviews, features and more. They also have an amusing section devoted to Hong Kong Cinema and video games, some multimedia downloads, and some very helpful FAQs.
The Illuminated Lantern - Featuring much cultural and historical information on Hong Kong Cinema, including articles on predominant signifiers, i.e. hopping vampires or gambling gods. Some terrific capsule reviews and intelligent writing round out this terrific site.
So Good - Hong Kong DVD Movie Reviews - Featuring well-written, thoughtful reviews. Kenneth Brorsson's jam-packed site is worth checking out.
Two Degrees: Hong Kong Cinema - Fun personal site with plenty of information, plot synopses, reviews, and more.
Hong Kong Digital - John Charles, author of "The Hong Kong Filmography 1977-1997", reviews two DVDs weekly in a magazine format. An archive of past issues is also housed on the site. No longer updated


Podcast on Fire - Review site HKCuk has joined forces with So Good Reviews, plus guys from UK-based DVD labels Third Window Films and GreenFanDVD to produce a fun and informative podcast covering - what else - Asian films. Head on over and give it a listen. We guarantee they're far more enthusasitc than the lot who runs this place. Hopefully they'll keep it up for the forseeable future.

Korean Cinema Links compiled by Yinique - One of the best English-language resources for Korean Cinema newcomers, with small reviews, box office reports, and a handy collection of star profiles. Run by Darcy Pacquet.
Korean Film Commission - A government-supported entity for the promotion of Korean films at home and overseas. There's news, a film database, box office stats and film production stats going back all the way to the '80s. Make sure to click over to the English version of the site if you're not language savvy.
Korean Film Archive - A non-profit organization that collects, preserves and restores visual materials produced in Korea. Their site has a searchable archive that goes as far back as 1919! Apparently, there are currently around 5170 films in the database, many with a synopsis. The more current films include movie posters and stills. Select the English site or you may be lost.
Korean Movie Database - From those geniuses at the Hong Kong Movie Database, a new database devoted to Korean Films. Currently, the site far outshines their earlier work. - Entertainment news, info on television dramas and music, star profiles AND a forum. This site might not be so useful as a movie resource, but it's good if people want to know about the Korean entertainment industry as a whole.

Regional Coverage

HK in SF: Hong Kong Movies in San Francisco - The Webmaster owes a great debt to Laura Irvine, who maintains this informational page listing all theaters showing Asian films in the Bay Area. While actual Hong Kong first-run features have dwindled, both Korean and Indian cinema are growing in the Bay Area. Find out where to go!
The 4-Star Movie Theatre in San Francisco - The last American venue which still shows first run Hong Kong films. Head here to check out showtimes and upcoming festivals, including their ongoing Midnight Madness features
Asian Film Foundation - Los Angeles-based group that promotes Asian culture through the presentation of that most wondrous of creative endeavors: film. Besides running their own screenings, the AFF website pushes other local festivals and screenings. The Webmaster knows them so he has extra squishy feelings for this bunch.
Subway Cinema - New York-based organization responsible for many fine Asian film fests throughout the year, including the annual "Asian Films Are Go!!!" film fest, as well as similar programs highlighting the films of Tsui Hark, South Korea, of Bollywood. The site is also host to a fabulous review archive written by Grady Hendrix.

Discussion Forums

Mobius Home Video Forum: Asian Cinema Discussion - The best online forum for Asian Cinema discussion. Many online reviewers and webmasters make this forum their home, along with journalists, professionals, and people far more successful than the Webmaster.

Already mentioned, but they have forums too:
Asian DVD Guide
City on Fire
Dragon's Den UK
Heroic Cinema
HK Cinemagic
Hong Kong Movie Database
Kung Fu Cult Cinema
M-Dream Website

Celebrity Sites

Andy - The official site for that guy from Needing You, A Moment of Romance, Running Out of Time and more movies than you could possibly mention. The site also sells exclusive Andy Lau merchandise, including a nifty pair of Fulltime Killer action figures. Make sure to drop him a line to ask why he made The Wesley's Mysterious File!
Jackie - The official site of some guy named Jackie Chan -- whoever that is.
Sammo - The official site of the legendary Hong Kong action star/director Sammo Hung!
The Official Site of Donnie Yen - The official site for the actor, fight choreographer, director and Bruce Lee fan.
The Official Site of Jet Li - The bad guy from Lethal Weapon 4 has his own website here. Find out what other movies he made before that masterpiece Romeo Must Die.
Bey - Visit the official website of the Hong Kong film industry's most accessible insider, Bey Logan. You can also check out his blog, featured on the Dragon Dynasty Website. - Exceptionally well-designed and content-rich site on the pouty-lipped Hong Kong superstar, Shu Qi. If you want pictures, we suggest going here. Created by everybody's favorite web designer, Computer Angel. Don't ask.


San Francisco - All about the Bay Area version of Chinatown, which is where the Webmaster once went to score DVDs and VCDs. There's plenty to see in San Francisco's Chinatown, and this well-stocked site is the perfect guide.
Hong Kong Vintage Pop Radio - New York-based Internet radio station which features Cantonese pop hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The Web Alliance for Respectful Treatment of Hong Kong's Best - A required visit for the true Hong Kong film fan. Sign this petition. Perhaps we can prevent God of Cookery from being released stateside as Kung-Fu Cooking.
Chinese Culture @ - A nice collection of links about Chinese culture, including many HK Cinema related ones.

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