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  Main Features  

The Recommended List Updated 01-20-2013
Recommendations and favorites from LoveHKFilm.com readers and writers.
     The Best 200 Hong Kong Films Ever
     Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Eighties
     Top 100 Hong Kong Films of the Nineties
     Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Aughts
     Recommendations by Kozo
     Korean Cinema recommendations by LunaSea

Asian Film Awards Updated 12-23-2015
Yet another project to take up the Webmaster's time. This page is devoted to archiving the various awards which celebrate the subjective excellence of Hong Kong Cinema. As you could expect, this is a work in progress, so total completion is still a ways off.
The Top Hong Kong Films of the Aughts - Published December 2009
In December 2009, we used the Damn You Kozo blog to ask LoveHKFilm's readers to name their Top Ten Hong Kong films from the years 2000-2009. Afterwards, we compiled their answers using a lot of wacky math, and came up with a ranked list of 50 films, plus 2 extras and a whole lot of commentary. It's as exciting as it sounds.
The Top Hong Kong Films of the Nineties - Published March 2010
Following up on the Top Hong Kong Films of the Aughts reader vote we did, the LoveHKFilm readership chimed in to contribute their votes for the Top Hong Kong Films of the Nineties. As usual, we ran the thing on the Damn You Kozo and compiled the results for an orderly, if not necessarily on topic series of posts.
The Top Hong Kong Films of the Eighties - Published March 2012
After a two year break, we finally did another one of those popular LoveHKFilm reader polls. This time, site readers voted for the Top Hong Kong Films of the Eighties, meaning lots of Chow Yun-Fat and no Twins at all. The feature ran on the Damn You Kozo and the results sparked some debate and even more apathy. It was glorious.

Life with Kozo No Longer Updated
The Webmaster waxes philosophical on topics of note. Or, he rambles aimlessly about whatever comes to mind. Regardless, this gives him an opportunity to dispense snarky comments outside of the usual movie reviews.

  Archived Features  
  Andrew Lin Accepts LoveHKFilm Award - Published May 14, 2007
On March 18, 2007, LoveHKFilm.com met with actor Andrew Lin Hoi to present him with the official LoveHKFilm Award for Most Underrated Performance. Lin thanked the site by actually acknowledging its existence. That's amazing because not even the Webmaster's friends acknowledge the site's existence.

The 2006 April Fool's Joke - Published April 2006
A single page simply to keep the streak alive. Sadly, we could not muster more than that in 2006, meaning those who look for a high comedy quotient went home empty-handed. At least this marked the site's first celebrity encounter. Perhaps there will be others one day...


The 2005 April Fool's Joke - Published April 2005
This will probably be the last time we do this, so get it while you can. Sorry for the recycled jokes. There's only so much you can really say about Ekin Cheng.


The 2004 April Fool's Joke - Published April 2004
That's right, we simply did not know when to leave enough alone in 2004. Sue us.


The 2003 April Fool's Joke - Published April 2003
Click here to see the wacky joke LoveHKFilm.com played on April 1st, 2003. Reportedly, some people found it very funny.

  Results of Site Reader Polls No Longer Updated
The various LoveHKFilm.com Reader Polls are compiled in this handy archive, which provide a cross-section of reader preferences and interests. What it all means is anybody's guess, but it's fun to find out what fellow HK Cinemaphiles are up to.

The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge No Longer Updated
Issued in April 2002, the Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge asks readers worldwide to send in their photos depicting an esoteric location from a Hong Kong film. Finally, in March 2004, somebody answered. Sadly, since December 2004, the Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge has not updated. We apologize profusely.

Kozo in Hong Kong - Published April 2002
The Webmaster's bizarre sensibilities are on display in this meandering travelogue of Hong Kong. Though there are some pictures of Hong Kong at large, the great bulk of this feature is spent scoping out Hong Kong film locations and generally making a mess of things. Be sure to check out the Webmaster's encounter with Andy Lau. Or his wax statue, anyway.

A Man Called Sanjuro
Columns from former LoveHKFilm contributor Calvin McMillin. His list of recommended movies can be found here.
He reviewed Hong Kong related comic books here.


  Press Releases  
Press Release - Leslie Cheung Tribute - Published December 2003
On December 6th and 7th, 2003, Asian Film Foundation, Kent Adamson & Brett Thompson Productions and here! At The Regent Showcase Theater present this two-day celebration of the legend known as Leslie Cheung. For details of the event, click the above link.

Press Release - 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival - Published March 2003
Click here to learn all about the 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival, which is being held in Hong Kong from April 8th to April 23rd of 2003. If you happen to be there, we suggest you go.

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