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Last Site Update: December 23, 2015

Site Review Count: 2320

Stephen Chow's

He's in the mainland and that's just
fine. Stephen Chow returns to cinemas
with his latest directorial effort
The Mermaid, about a, duh, mermaid
and presumably lots of hijinks occur
when said mermaid encounters the world
or men. Deng Chao stars and we're all
totally curious. The Mermaid opens
this Lunar New Year in cinemas.

The Biggest Update of All Time
Welp, besides finally posting the full list of the 2015 Golden Horse Award Winners, we're going crazy for our final update of 2015. Instead of the customary 8-10 reviews, we're publishing 15 reviews in total, includng guest reviews by: Paul Fox on Big Fortune Hotel, Sanney Leung on Only You, and Adam Laidig with his could-be controversial take on Big Trouble in Little China. That Kozo guy writes the other 13 reviews, starting with a little movie called Ip Man 3. He took it easy this month.

That's it for 2015. Stay safe and see you next year, whenever that is. We're guessing January? February? If you don't hear from us by March, call the cops.

Latest Stuff
- Review: Ip Man 3 NEW
- Review: Keeper of Darkness NEW
- Review: She Remembers, He Forgets NEW
- Review: Mr. Six NEW
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News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated December 23, 2015


Awards, Awards, Awards
We're late to the party but you can check out a full list of this year's Golden Horse Awards, which were announced in Taiwan on November 21st. Also, the 2014 LoveHKFilm Awards have been announced - super late, we know, but it's not like that's a new thing around here. For the sake of completion, you can still read about the winners of the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards, which were handed out last April. Also, everyone gets participation awards.

  Previous Updates

NEW for December 23, 2015
- Added the winners of the 2015 Golden Horse Awards.
- Added reviews of Ip Man 3 (2015), Keeper of Darkness (2015), She Remembers, He Forgets (2015), Mr. Six (2015), The Vanished Murderer (2015), Zinnia Flower (Taiwan, 2015), Saving Mr. Wu (2015), Ten Years (2015), Big Fortune Hotel (2015), Lazy Hazy Crazy (2015), Return of the Cuckoo (2015), Wong Ka Yan (2015), Only You (2015), Are You Here (2015), and Big Trouble in Little China (1986).

NEW for October 28, 2015
- Added the results of the 2014 LoveHKFilm Awards.
- Added reviews of Office (2015), The Assassin (2015), Our Times (Taiwan, 2015), Get Outta Here (2015), Undercover Duet (2015), I Am Somebody (2015), The Merger (2015), King of Mahjong (2015) and Black Coal, Thin Ice (2014).

NEW for September 28, 2015
- Added reviews of Wild City (2015), All You Need is Love (2015), A Tale of Three Cities (2015), Love Detective (2015), Port of Call (2015), Lady of the Dynasty (2015), Guia in Love (2015), Wolf Totem (2015) and No Man's Land (2013).

NEW for August 5, 2015
- Added reviews of To the Fore (2015),
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015), Monster Hunt (2015), Paris Holiday (2015), Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal (2015), Guilty (2015), Lucky Star 2015 (2015) and Fleet of Time (2014).

Featured Review

Donnie Yen

Ip Man 3
Donnie Yen pummels historical accuracy with his trademark rapid-fire punches in Ip Man 3, the latest in the historical action drama series that really needs to put some quotation marks around the word “historical”. The original Ip Man took place in 1937 and Ip Man 3 takes place twenty-two years later in 1959 – but wow, would you look at how insanely young both Ip Man (Yen) and wife Cheung Win-Sing (Lynn Xiong) look? Forget practicing Wing Chun – Ip Man should have bottled his family beauty secrets and sold them. Not only would he be world-famous but he’d also be filthy rich and surely able to afford the charities he supported via punches and kicks. Not that reality matters for producer Raymond Wong and director Wilson Yip – the Ip Man movies aren’t historical documents, they’re action-packed folk tales based on the life of a Wing Chun master best known for being Bruce Lee’s teacher. Ip Man 3 actually begins with a meeting between Ip Man and Bruce Lee (Chan Kwok-Kwan), but after an audition, Lee is shown the door and Ip Man continues not being Bruce Lee’s master. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Nick Cheung versus the Underworld
Keeper of Darkness
Actor-turned-director Nick Cheung returns behind the camera with his second film Keeper of Darkness... (more)
Amnesia sucks
She Remembers, He Forgets
Director Adam Wong and producer Saville Chan, the filmmaking team behind the hit The Way We Dance... (more)
Psst...look in the closet
The Vanished Murderer
Director Lo Chi-Leung’s The Vanished Murderer is a sequel to his 2012 action-mystery The Bullet Vanishes... (more)
Hope I'm still alive then

Ten Years

Though unevenly executed, indie omnibus Ten Years is a worthwhile attempt at socially-relevant Hong Kong film. (more)
That damn cuckoo, always returning
Return of the Cuckoo
Disclosure: I have not seen the 2000 TVB drama Return of the Cuckoo, so whatever opinion I have of its 2015 big-screen sequel... (more)
Lewd Nude Rude

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Jody Luk Yee-Sum, frequent screenwriter for Pang Ho-Cheung, gets her directorial break with Lazy Hazy Crazy... (more)
Not the director of The Grandmaster
Wong Ka Yan
Writer-director Benny Lau’s Wong Ka Yan is a nice little movie with a fine premise and setting... (more)
So very sad
Zinnia Flower
Director Tom Lin (Starry Starry Night, Winds of September) drew upon personal experience to create his somber drama Zinnia Flower. (more)
Mr. Five is pretty cool too
Mr. Six
Aftershock director Feng Xiaogang excels in Mr. Six, but this time he’s not behind the camera – he’s in front of it. (more)
Just call him Andy
Saving Mr. Wu
Saving Mr. Wu is a step up from director Ding Sheng’s previous film, the blockbuster Police Story 2013, and a big reason is his lead actors. (more)
That's the last time I use Trip Advisor
Big Fortune Hotel
In the pantheon of Hong Kong films there are those that make it to the big screen and those that head straight to video. (more)
Not starring Iron Man
Only You
Perhaps it’s the picturesque landscapes or the breathtaking architecture or maybe it’s the fact that the language of the land exudes passion... (more)
I'm always here. Unfortunately.
Are You Here
Previous Patrick Kong horror efforts (Forgive and Forget and one half of Hong Kong Ghost Stories) haven’t really impressed... (more)
Wow this is an old movie
Big Trouble in Little China
John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China treats the residents of San Francisco's Chinatown as if they are only... (more)

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