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Last Site Update: December 3, 2014

Site Review Count: 2244

Takeshi Kaneshiro
wants you to have a
Happy Holidays!
(and also see his movie)

Bye bye 2014
Welp, 2014 is officially in the can - at least, it is for us. This update sees 11 new reviews including Sanney Leung's guest take on Ning Hao's Breakup Buddies. The rest are written by the other guy.

Despite our lack of updates and stuff, we'll be back in 2015 for your expected 6-8 updates covering the latest and not-so-greatest Hong Kong and CHina films. It's what we do even if nobody asks us to. As always, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter or that Ask.fm box to the right.

Take care and happy holidays!

Latest Stuff
- Review: Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 NEW
- Review: Gangster Payday NEW
- Review: Kung Fu Jungle NEW
- Review: Breakup Buddies NEW
- Review: Dot 2 Dot NEW
- Review: Sifu VS Vampire NEW
- Review: The Continent NEW
- Review: McDull: Me & My Mum NEW
- Review: Flirting in the Air NEW
- Review: Café. Waiting. Love NEW
- Review: Urban Games NEW
- Awards: 51st Golden Horse Film Award Winners
- Awards: 19th Hong Kong Film Awards

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated November 22, 2014


51st Golden Horse Award Winners
They do this thing every year where a bunch of people get together and vote on a bunch of movies and give out little statues, and they call it the Golden Horse Awards. This year, they did it again and the results were the 51st Golden Horse Award Winners. The actual results are debatable but what isn't debatable is that Best Actress nominee Gong Li left the event in a rather miffed state, while jury members Joan Chen and Aaron Kwok did some damage control of their own. Stephen Fung was also a jury member but if he said anything we didn't hear about. Hell, it was Stephen Fung anyway - he should just be happy to still be in the news somewhere.

  Previous Updates

NEW for December 3, 2014
- Added reviews of
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014), Gangster Payday (2014), Kung Fu Jungle (2014), Breakup Buddies (2014), Sifu VS Vampire (2014), Dot 2 Dot (2014), The Continent (2014), McDull: Me & My Mum (2014), Flirting in the Air (2014), Urban Games (2014) and Café. Waiting Love (Taiwan, 2014).

NEW for November 22, 2014
- Added the Winners of the 51st Golden Horse Film Awards.

NEW for October 23, 2014
- Added the results of the 19th LoveHKFilm Awards.
- Added reviews of Temporary Family (2014), But Always (2014), The Four 3 (2014), Golden Brother (2014), Twilight Online (2014), The Truth About Beauty (2014), The Second Coming (2014) and Mr. & Mrs. Player (2013).

NEW for September 6, 2014
- Added reviews of The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014), Girls (2014), Hungry Ghost Ritual (2014), Z Storm (2014), Break Up 100 (2014), The Great Hypnotist (2014), May We Chat (2013), Enthralled (2014) and Doomsday Party (2013).

NEW for June 15, 2014
- Added reviews of
Overheard 3 (2014), The Midnight After (2014), Aberdeen (2014), Iceman 3D (2014), That Demon Within (2014), Delete My Love (2014), 3D Naked Ambition (2014), Beijing Love Story (2014), The Unbelievable 3: The Skeleton Road (2014) and Mortician (2013).

Featured Review

Louis Koo

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
The rare sequel to a Johnnie To romantic comedy, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 both delights and confounds. It makes sense that To and partner-in-crime Wai Ka-Fai would OK a follow-up since Don’t Go Breaking My Heart made beaucoup China bucks, but there are some nagging problems. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart ended with Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan) choosing stalwart architect Fang Qihong (Daniel Wu) over dreamy ladykiller Cheung Shen-Ran (Louis Koo), ending an epic battle of gorgeous men who fell all over themselves to impress a single woman with absurdly romantic gestures. By making a sequel, the filmmakers risk overturning the original’s satisfying ending (a potential dealbreaker for some fans) or simply reaffirming what already was (which would be boring). Cynically, one might also call this a transparent cash grab. Can we really count on the ToWai team to make this about more than crass commercialism? To the surprise of absolutely no one: Yes, we can! There’s some wear and tear but Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 ranks high for dizzy romcom fluff. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Charlene the Homecoming Queen
Gangster Payday
Minor but pleasant, Gangster Payday is the benign cousin of harder-edged Hong Kong films of old. (more)
Not exactly Rigor Mortis
Sifu VS Vampire
If you aim low, reaching those reduced expectations can be pretty easy. So it goes with Sifu VS Vampire... (more)
Sleepless in Sheung Wan
Dot 2 Dot
This locally-conscious romantic drama has the local stuff down. Director-writer Amos Why brings us Dot 2 Dot... (more)
More bare Chapman To ass
Flirting in the Sky
Writer-producer Wong Jing and director Aman Cheung parody TVB’s successful Triumph in the Skies dramas... (more)
To the extreme!
Urban Games
Directed and written by Hollywood stunt coordinator Robert Brown, Urban Games is essentially a western B-film actioner... (more)
It's a kung fu jungle out there
Kung Fu Jungle
It’s a Kung Fu Jungle out there. Apparently. Donnie Yen returns to badass form with this Teddy Chen-directed... (more)
Road trip!
Breakup Buddies
Ning Hao, Huang Bo and Xu Zheng get the band back together for the “Golden Week” comedy Breakup Buddies. (more)
McDull: Me & My Mum
More McDull is always a good thing. But when this thing is too much like that last thing and also the thing a few things before it? (more)
Uh, another road trip!
The Continent
Celebrity writer, blogger and race car driver (Really!) Han Han brings his popular fictional stylings to the screen... (more)
No milk but plenty of sugar
Café. Waiting. Love

Even more Giddens arrives at the multiplex with Café. Waiting. Love. Directed by Chiang Chin-Lin... (more)


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