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- Meet the candidates for First Lady
- Ekin Cheng in 2004 talks to The Man on the Street

Supporters for
Ekin Cheng in 2004:

- Andrew Lau
- Jordan Chan
- Sammi Cheng
- Shu Qi
- Manfred Wong
- Chow Yun-Fat
- Lau Ching-Wan
- Michelle Yeoh
- Andy Lau
- Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
- Kelly Chen
- Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung
- Michael Tse
- Raymond Yip
- Jason Chu
- Cecilia Cheung
- Gillian Chung
- Rain Li
- Charlene Choi
- Michael Wong
Hateful Bastards
who don't support
Ekin Cheng in 2004:
- Shing Fui-On
- Aaron Kwok
- Leon Lai
- Nicholas Tse
- Daniel Wu
- Alan Mak
- Maggie Cheung
- Miriam Yeung
- John Sham
- Francis Ng
- Shawn Yue
- Edison Chen
- Wong Kar-Wai
- Gigi Leung
- Johnnie To
- Gigi Lai
- Maggie Siu
- George W. Bush
- Wong Jing
- Kozo
Article Support
on the Key Issues:
- Education
- The Environment
- Foreign Policy
- Taiwan
- Population Control
- Employment
- Gender Issues
- Gun Control
- US Business in Asia
- Violence in our Schools
- Party Relations
- Women's Rights
- Age of Consent
- Religion and State
- George W. Bush
- Censorship
- Gay Rights
- The Republican Party
- Crimes in the Workplace
- National Budget
- Campaign Financing
- Michael Jackson
- War on Iraq
- Government Bonds
- The Supreme Court

America is in a time of crisis. International tensions, a suffering economy, rising gas prices, moral bankruptcy, and a record number of celebrity divorces have laid siege upon our society. Tough problems require tough solutions. An uncertain world needs a bold new face on the global map. The moral murkiness of the twenty-first century needs a righteous leader. Who better than Chan Ho-Nam himself? Vote Ekin Cheng for President in 2004.

A Bold New Direction:
     Formerly known as, this website has taken on a new purpose. Its goal is the election of Hong Kong's favorite son Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin to a new position worthy of his talent and charisma: President of the United States. Webmaster Kozo has departed in search of his future wife (a former waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe in Tsimshatsui), and has left us the entire treasury with which to fund Ekin Cheng's drive to the White House. With his final contribution of $50, Ekin Cheng's campaign fund now has $52.89 at its disposal.

Why Ekin Cheng?
     The reasons why are legion: the intelligence, the cool demeanor, the ageless manner in which he styles his hair. The fact that he runs a large, machine-like organization of young gang punks in Causeway Bay. Humble, yet forceful and righteous, Ekin Cheng can be counted upon to protect and lead the greatest country in the world. And no, we're not talking about Canada.
     The reasons why not can be counted on your left hand: Asian, young, and incredibly better looking than the opposition. We think the competition is just jealous.
     For a better illustration, see this photo:

Is this not the face of a born leader?

Meet the Running Mates:
     Bill Clinton needed Al Gore. George Bush, Jr. needed George Bush, Sr. Batman needed Robin. So too, does Ekin Cheng need a running mate. Ekin Cheng in 2004 picks apart the candidates to see what they're made of.

Meet the First Ladies:

     Ekin Cheng doesn't really need a First Lady, but the party line requires it, so now he must choose. Ekin Cheng in 2004 breaks down the leading candidates for First Lady duties.

Addressing the issues:

     In an effort to discover the needs and desires of the public, Ekin Cheng has met with the Man on the Street to see which issues haunt them.

Who should be a part of Ekin Cheng's inner circle?
The Running Mate
Who should be Ekin Cheng's running mate for Campaign 2004?

The First Lady
Who should be Ekin Cheng's First Lady for Campaign 2004?