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Johnnie To Kei-Fung
AKA:  Johnny To
- director - producer -
selected filmography
The Enigmatic Case (1980)[director]
Happy Ghost 3 (1986)[director]
Seven Years Itch (1987)[director]
The Big Heat (1988)[director]
The Eighth Happiness (1988)[director]
All About Ah Long (1989)[director]
The Fun, The Luck and the Tycoon (1990)[director]
A Moment of Romance (1990)[producer]
The Story of My Son (1990)[writer/director]
The Royal Scoundrel (1990)[director]
Casino Raiders 2 (1991)[director]
Justice, My Foot! (1992)[director]
Lucky Encounter (1992)[director]
The Bare-Footed Kid (1993)[director]
The Heroic Trio (1993)[director]
A Moment of Romance 2 (1993)[producer]
Executioners (1993)[producer/director]
The Mad Monk (1993)[director]
Loving You (1995)[director]
Only Fools Fall in Love (1995)[producer]
A Moment of Romance 3 (1996)[producer/director]
Beyond Hypothermia (1996)[producer]
Final Justice (1997)[producer]
Lifeline (1997)[director]
Too Many Ways to be No. 1 (1997)[producer]
The Odd One Dies (1997)[producer]
Intruder (1997)[producer]
The Longest Nite (1998)[producer]
Expect the Unexpected (1998)[producer]
A Hero Never Dies (1998)[producer/director]
Where a Good Man Goes (1999)[producer/director]
Running Out of Time (1999)[producer/director]
The Mission (1999)[producer/director]
Sealed with A Kiss (1999)[producer]
Spacked Out (2000)[producer]
Needing You ... (2000)[producer][co-director]
Help!!! (2000)[producer][co-director]
Comeuppance (2000)[producer]
Wu Yen (2001)[producer][co-director]
Gimme Gimme (2001)[producer]
Love On a Diet (2001)[producer][co-director]
Fulltime Killer (2001)[producer][co-director]
Running Out of Time 2 (2001)[producer/director]
Second Time Around (2002)[producer]
Fat Choi Spirit (2002)[producer][co-director]
My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (2002)[producer][co-director]
Love For All Seasons (2003)[producer][co-director]
Looking for Mr. Perfect (2003)[producer]
PTU (2003)[producer/director]
Turn Left Turn Right (2003)[producer][co-director]
Running on Karma (2003)[producer][co-director]
Memory of the Youth (2003)[producer]
Breaking News (2004)[producer/director]
Throwdown (2004)[producer/director]
Yesterday Once More (2004)[producer/director]
Election (2005)[producer/director]
2 Become 1 (2006)[producer]
Election 2 (2006)[producer/director]
Exiled (2006)[producer/director]
Eye in the Sky (2007)[producer]
Hooked on You (2007)[producer]
Triangle (2007)[co-director][producer]
Mad Detective (2007)[producer][co-director]
Linger (2008)[producer/director]
Sparrow (2008)[producer/director]
Tactical Unit - The Code (2008)[producer]
Tactical Unit - Comrades in Arms (2009)[producer]
Tactical Unit - No Way Out (2009)[producer]
Tactical Unit - Partners (2009)[producer]
Tactical Unit - Human Nature (2009)[producer]
Vengeance (2009)[producer/director]
Accident (2009)[producer]
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (2011)[producer/director]
Punished (2011)[producer]
Life Without Principle (2011)[producer/director]
Romancing in Thin Air (2012)[producer/director]
Motorway (2012)[producer]
Drug War (2012)[producer/director]
A Complicated Story (2013)[exec. producer]
Blind Detective (2013)[producer/director]
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014)[producer/director]
Office (2015)[producer/director]
Trivisa (2016)[producer]
Three (2016)[producer/director][action]
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