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3rd Annual LoveHKFilm Awards
Criteria for Award Selection
*these awards are in no way official or even remotely worthy of serious consideration.
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Top Five Movies of the Year
Full Alert
Happy Together
The Mad Phoenix
Made in Hong Kong
Too Many Ways to be No. 1
Bottom Five Movies of the Year
97 Aces Go Places
Love Cruise
SDU '97
The Hunted Hunter
Greatest Performance Ever
Carina Lau Ka-Ling
The Intimates
Most Charismatic Performance
Sammi Cheng Sau-Man
Killing Me Tenderly
Funniest Performance
Francis Ng Chun-Yu
97 Aces Go Places
Most Lovable
Nicola Cheung Sun-Yu
Cause We Are So Young
Most Underrated Performance
Charlie Young Choi-Nei
Task Force
Best Overacting
Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Island of Greed
Worst Overacting
Eric Kot Man-Fai
in anything
Most Annoying Performance
Eric Kot Man-Fai
in anything
Taking Up Space
Michael Wong Mun-Tak
Theft Under the Sun
Missing in Action
Ricky Hui Koon-Ying
First Love Unlimited
Career Suicide
Tsui Hark
Double Team
Funniest Film
Too Many Ways to be No. 1
Best Romance
Love is not a game, but a joke
Most Guilty Pleasure
First Love Unlimited
Biggest Disappointment
Mr. Nice Guy
What the-?
First Love - the Litter on the Breeze
Best Action
Worst Action
SDU '97
Best Production Values
Downtown Torpedoes
Worst Production Values
The Hunted Hunter
Most Overrated Film
The Soong Sisters
Most Underrated Film
The Odd One Dies
The Special Award
Fruit Chan Gor
for actually making films
Entertainer of the Year
Charlie Young Choi-Nei
for her four films:
Downtown Torpedoes
The Intimates
Task Force
The Wedding Days

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