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Reviews - Thai Film

4BIA (2008)§
Bangkok Dangerous (2000)§
Bangkok Knockout (2010)
BKO: Bangkok Knockout (see Bangkok Knockout)
Black Night (2006)
Born to Fight (2004)
Chocolate (2008)Œ
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010)
First Love (see A Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
Handle Me With Care (2008)
Heart Attack (2015)£
Hoedown Showdown (2002)±
Jan Dara (2001)±
Last Life in the Universe (2003)§
A Little Thing Called Love (see A Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
Love of Siam (2007)£
Muay Thai Chaiya (2007)
Ong Bak (2003)
Ong Bak 2 (2008)
Ong Bak 3 (2010)
Raging Phoenix (2009)§
Shutter (2004)
Suriyothai (2001)
Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)±§
Three: The Wheel (see Three)
Tom Yum Goong (2005)

§ reviewed by Calvin McMillin ± reviewed by LunaSea Œ reviewed by Guest Reviewer  
¥ also reviewed by Kozo £ reviewed by Kevin Ma  
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