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Michael Hui Koon-Man
- actor - director - writer - producer -
Michael Hui in Three of a Kind (2004)
selected filmography
The Warlord (1972)[actor]
The Happiest Moment (1973)[actor]
Scandal (1974)[actor]
Sinful Confession (1974)[actor]
Games Gamblers Play (1974)[actor][writer/director]
The Last Message (1975)[actor][writer/director]
The Private Eyes (1976)[actor][writer/director]
The Contract (1978)[actor][writer/director]
Security Unlimited (1981)[actor][writer/director]
Cannonball Run (1981)[actor]
The Trail (1983)[writer]
Teppanyaki (1984)[actor][writer/director]
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom (1985)[actor]
Happy Din Don (1986)[actor][writer/director]
Inspector Chocolate (1986)[actor][writer]
Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)[actor][writer]
Mr. Coconut (1989)[actor][writer/producer]
Front Page (1990)[actor][writer/producer]
The Raid (1991)[writer]
The Banquet (1991)[actor]
Hero Of The Beggars (1992)[actor]
The Magic Touch (1992)[actor][writer/director/producer]
Always On My Mind (1993)[actor][producer]
Land of Treasure (1995)[actor]
Funny Business (1995)[actor]
Chinese Box (1997)[actor]
Fantasia (2004)[actor]
Three of a Kind (2004)[actor]
Rob-B-Hood (2006)[actor]
The Bounty (2012)[actor]
Delete My Love (2014)[actor]
Godspeed (2016)[actor]
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