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Joh Chung-Sing
- actor - director - writer -
Joh Chung-Sing in The Intellectual Trio (1985) Joh Chung-Sing in A Taste of Killing and Romance (1994)
selected filmography
The Law with Two Phases (1984)[actor]
Silent Romance (1984)[actor]
Chase a Fortune (1985)[actor]
The Intellectual Trio (1985)[actor]
Sweet Surrender (1986)[cameo][actor]
Who's the Crook (1986)[actor]
Goodbye My Hero (1986)[cameo][actor]
The Innocent Interloper (1986)[cameo][asst. director]
Scared Stiff (1987)[actor]
Sister Cupid (1987)[actor][asst. director]
Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987)[actor]
The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)[actor]
Haunted Cop Shop 2 (1988)[actor]
Criminal Hunter (1988)[writer]
A Punch to Revenge (1989)[actor]
Funny Ghost (1989)[actor]
Burning Ambition (1989)[actor]
My Hero (1990)[actor][writer]
Till Death Shall We Start (1990)[actor]
An Eternal Combat (1991)[actor][planning]
Today's Hero (1991)[actor][planning]
Mission of Condor (1991)[planning]
Fist of Fury 1991 (1991)[actor][director]
Fist Of Fury 1991 Part 2 (1992)[director]
My Hero 2 (1993)[writer][planning]
Crazy Love (1993)[actor]
Chungking Express (1994)[actor]
Tragic Commitment (1995)[asst. director]
Mad Stylist (1997)[actor]
Cause We Are So Young (1997)[actor]
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