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Aubrey Lam Oi-Wah
- director - writer -
Aubrey Lam  
selected filmography
Heaven Can't Wait (1995)[writer]
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (1995)[writer]
The Age of Miracles (1996)[writer]
Those were the Days (1996)[1][writer]
Who's the Woman, Who's the Man (1996)[writer]
Yesterday You, Yesterday Me (1997)[writer]
Purple Storm (1999)[writer]
Twelve Nights (2000)[writer/director]
Fighting for Love (2001)[writer]
Hidden Track (2003)[writer/director]
Golden Chicken 2 (2003)[writer]
Love Trilogy (2004)[writer]
Perhaps Love (2005)[writer]
Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)[writer]
Anna & Anna (2007)[director]
The Warlords (2007)[writer]
A Decade of Love (2008)[director]
Wu Xia (2011)[writer]
The Guillotines (2012)[writer]
American Dreams in China (2013)[writer]
The Truth About Beauty (2014)[director][writer]
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