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David Lam Tak-Luk
- director - producer - writer - actor -
David Lam Tak-Luk  
selected filmography
The Secret (1979)[actor]
The Happenings (1980)[actor]
Goodbye Mammie (1986)[director]
Woman Prison (1988)[director]
Call Girl '88 (1988)[director]
The Wild Ones (1989)[producer][writer]
Hong Kong Gigolo (1990)[director/producer]
Doctor's Heart (1990)[director][writer]
Gigolo and Whore (1991)[producer][actor]
Gigolo And Whore 2 (1992)[producer]
Powerful Four (1992)[director/producer]
Girls Without Tomorrow (1992)[director/producer]
Perfect Couples (1993)[director]
First Shot (1993)[director/producer]
The Killer's Love (1993)[producer]
Tears and Triumph (1994)[director]
The Modern Love (1994)[director][writer]
Asian Connection (1995)[director]
Magnificent Team (1998)[director]
Street Angels (1999)[director][writer]
Headlines (2001)[producer][actor]
Danger Zone (2003)[director]
Z Storm (2014)[director][writer]
S Storm (2016)[director][writer]
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