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George Lam Chi-Cheung
- actor - singer - composer -
George Lam in Shanghai Shanghai (1990) George Lam in Easy Money (1987) George Lam in The Banquet (1991) George Lam in Merry Christmas (1984)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Luckies Trio (1978)
Money Trip (1979)
The Secret (1979)[cameo]
Disco Bumpkins (1980)
Pembunahan Pursuit (1980)
All the Wrong Clues (1981)
Aces Go Places (1982)[cameo]
Boat People (1982)
It Takes Two (1982)
Life After Life (1982)
All the Wrong Spies (1983)
Banana Cop (1984)
Merry Christmas (1984)
The Owl and Dumbo (1984)
It's a Drink, It's a Bomb (1985)
Kung Hei Fat Choy (1985)
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)[cameo]
Passion (1986)
Easy Money (1987)
Heart to Hearts (1988)
Starry is the Night (1988)
Perfect Match (1989)
A Bite of Love (1990)[also composer]
Heart into Hearts (1990)[also composer]
Shanghai Shanghai (1990)
The Banquet (1991)
The Perfect Match (1991)
Heart Against Hearts (1992)[also composer]
Perfect Couples (1993)
A Queer Story (1997)
Up for the Rising Sun (1997)
Six Strong Guys (2004)
Love @ First Note (2006)[cameo]
The Pye-Dog (2007)
Wonder Women (2007)
Look For a Star (2009)
Hi, Fidelity (2011)
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