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Kenneth Lau Hau-Wai
- director - writer - producer -
selected filmography
Troublesome Night 2 (1997)[writer]
Troublesome Night 3 (1998)[writer]
Please Come Back (1999)[writer][actor]
Hong Kong Spice Gals (1999)[writer/director]
X Imp (1999)[writer/director]
Deadly Camp (1999)[writer]
No Vacancy (1999)[writer][actor]
Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back (1999)[writer]
Wan Chai Express (1999)[writer/director]
The Faterdingers (1999)[writer/director]
Life (2000)[writer/director][actor]
Hong Kong History X (2000)[writer/director]
High K (2000)[writer]
Hong Kong Pie (2000)[writer/producer]
Resort Massacre (2000)[actor]
Bloody Cops (2001)[writer/director/producer]
Hong Kong History Y (2001)[writer/director/producer]
Haunted School (2001)[producer]
Devil Believer (2002)[director]
The Legend of Ghost Festival (2003)[director]
Cafe Shop (2003)[director]
The Story of the Soccer Bet (2003)[director]
The Reporter (2003)[director]
Devil Killer (2003)[director]
My Secret Private Virgin (2003)[director]
Die Hard (2003)[director]
Mansion Murder (2004)[director]
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