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Alex Law Kai-Yu
- director - producer - writer -
Alex Law Kai-Yu
selected filmography
The Illegal Immigrant (1985)[writer]
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife (1986)[writer]
Caper (1986)[writer]
An Autumn's Tale (1987)[writer]
To Err is Humane (1987)[writer]
Happy Bigamist (1987)[writer]
Mr. Handsome (1987)[writer]
One Husband too Many (1988)[writer]
Painted Faces (1988)[director/writer]
Eight Taels of Gold (1989)[writer]
The Moon Warriors (1992)[writer]
Now You See Love...Now You Don't (1992)[director]
The Soong Sisters (1997)[writer]
The Blacksheep Affair (1998)[writer/producer]
City of Glass (1998)[writer/producer]
Beijing Rocks (2001)[writer/producer]
Night and Fog (2009)[writer]
Echoes of the Rainbow (2009)[director/writer]
A Tale of Three Cities (2015)[writer/producer]
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