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Elizabeth Lee Mei-Fung
- actor -
Elizabeth Lee in Gunmen (1988) Elizabeth Lee in Love to Kill (1993) Elizabeth Lee in The Blonde Fury (1989)
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selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
The Greatest Lover (1988)
Gunmen (1988)
He who Chases after the Wind (1988)
How To Pick Girls Up (1988)
Midnight Whispers (1988)
Picture of a Nymph (1988)
All Night Long (1989)
The Blonde Fury (1989)
City Squeeze (1989)
Web of Deception (1989)
How to Be a Millionaire (1989)
Long Arm of the Law 3 (1989)
The Romancing Star 2 (1988)
The Yuppie Fantasia (1989)
Return Engagement (1990)
Sunshine Friends (1990)
Widow Warriors (1990)
Deadly Deal (1991)
Freedom Run Q (1992)
Love To Kill (1993)
The Sword Stained Royal Blood (1993)
Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (1994)
A Touch of Evil (1995)
Thunderstorm (1996)
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