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Danny Pang Fat
- director - producer - writer -
- editor - brother of Oxide Pang Chun -
selected filmography
Bangkok Dangerous (1999)[co-director][writer][editor]

Glass Tears (2001)[editor]

One Take Only (2001)[producer]
The Eye (2002)[co-director][writer][editor]
Nothing to Lose (2002)[director][writer]
Infernal Affairs (2002)[editor]
Cat and Mouse (2003)[editor]
Sung Horn (2003)[writer]
Infernal Affairs II (2003)[editor]
Infernal Affairs III (2003)[editor]
The Eye 2 (2004)[co-director][producer][editor]
Ab-normal Beauty (2004)[producer]
Leave Me Alone (2004)[director/producer]
The Omen (2004)[producer]
The Eye 10 (2005)[co-director][writer]
Re-cycle (2006)[co-director][writer][editor][producer]
Diary (2006)[producer]
The Messengers (2007)[co-director]
Forest of Death (2007)[director][producer][writer]
The Detective (2007)[producer]
In Love with the Dead (2007)[director][producer][writer]
scare 2 die (2008)[producer]
Bangkok Dangerous (2008)[co-director]
Seven 2 One (2009)[director][producer][writer]
The Storm Warriors (2009)[co-director][producer]
The Child's Eye (2010)[co-director][producer][writer]
Fairy Tale Killer (2012)[director][writer][producer]
Out of Inferno (2013)[co-director][producer][writer]
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