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Patrick Tam Ka-Ming
- director - writer - editor - art director -
selected filmography
The Sword (1980)[director]
Love Massacre (1981)[director]
My Rebellious Son (1982)[writer]
Nomad (1982)[writer/director]
Cherie (1984)[writer/director]
Final Victory (1987)[writer/director][art director]
Burning Snow (1988)[writer/director][art director]
My Heart is that Eternal Rose (1989)[director][art director]
Days of Being Wild (1990)[editor]
To Spy with Love (1990)[art director]
Days of Tomorrow (1993)[editor]
Ashes of Time (1994)[editor]
Election (2005)[editor]
After This Our Exile (2006)[director]
Ashes of Time Redux (2008)[editor]
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