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Alan Tang Kwong-Wing
- actor - producer - director - writer -
Alan Tang in Gun 'n Rose (1992)
selected filmography
Student Prince (1964)[actor]
My Fair Lady (1967)[actor]
Bunny Girl (1967)[cameo]
A Glamorous Christmas Night (1967)[actor]
Bride in Chains (1968)[actor]
A Time for Reunion (1968)[actor]
Iron Fiddle (1968)[actor]
Let's Sing and Dance to Celebrate a Peaceful Year (1969)[actor]
Red Light, Green Light (1969)[actor]
Social Characters (1969)[actor]
The One in Yellow (1969)[actor]
Happy Time (1970)[actor]
Modern School Life (1970)[actor]
The Mad Bar (1970)[actor]
Miss Not Home (1970)[actor]
The Happy Angel (1970)[actor]
The Mighty Couple (1971)[actor]
Maria (1971)[actor]
Song of Happy Life (1971)[actor]
I am Crazy about You (1971)[actor]
Oh My Love (1971)[actor]
The Invincible Iron Palm (1971)[actor]
Cheating Panorama (1972)[actor]
Impetuous Fire (1972)[actor]
The Peeper, the Model and the Hypnotist (1972)[actor]
The Bloody Fight (1972)[actor]
The Notorious Ones (1972)[actor]
Changing Love (1972)[actor]
Love and Blood (1972)[actor]
The Stealing Love (1972)[actor]
Songs and Romance Forever (1972)[actor]
Love In A Cabin (1972)[actor]
Hong Kong Criminal Crimes (1972)[actor]
Wild Horse (1972)[actor]
Back Street (1973)[actor]
Adultery Chinese Style (1973)[actor]
Death Comes in Three (1973)[actor]
If Tomorrow Comes (1973)[actor]
The Rats (1973)[actor]
Death on the Docks (1973)[actor]
Iron Bull (1973)[actor]
Unsubdued Furies (1973)[actor]
Dynamite Brothers (1973)[actor]
The Young Ones (1973)[actor]
One Reed Soil (1973)[actor]
Hong Kong Nite Life (1973)[actor]
Where Does Love Come From ? (1973)[actor]
Too Young (1974)[actor]
Where the Seagull Flies (1974)[actor]
Farewell Dearest (1974)[actor]
The Paradise (1974)[actor]
One Year's Fantasy (1974)[actor]
First Come, First Love (1974)[actor]
The Splendid Love in Winter (1974)[actor][producer]
Kissed by the Wolves (1974)[actor]
The Colorful Ripples (1974)[actor]
The Playboy (1974)[actor]
Dipper Obstruct (1974)[actor]
The Silver Band (1974)[actor]
Land of the Undaunted (1975)[actor]
The Holocaust (1975)[actor]
Blood and Rose (1975)[actor]
The Floating Clouds (1975)[actor]
Run Lover Run (1975)[actor]
Love Story of Pian Pian (1975)[actor]
24 Hours Romance (1975)[actor]
Born Rich (1976)[actor]
Forever My Love (1976)[actor]
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1976)[actor]
Love of Strange Talk (1976)[actor]
Game of Love (1976)[actor]
Love Is Like A Game (1976)[actor]
My Funny Intern (1976)[actor]
The Little Ancestors (1976)[actor]
The Morning Date (1976)[actor]
The Beauty With Two Faces (1976)[actor]
Love In Hawaii (1976)[actor]
Love By Post (1976)[actor]
Mitra (1977)[actor]
The Discharged (1977)[actor][director]
Forever and Ever (1977)[actor]
Orchid In The Rain (1977)[actor]
The Scoundrel (1977)[actor]
Lam Ah Chun (1978)[cameo]
The Chase (1978)[actor]
The Rascal Billionaire (1978)[actor]
The Golden Key (1978)[actor]
To Love Or Not To Love (1978)[actor]
Three Minutes past Nine (1978)[actor]
Law Don (1979)[actor][director]
The Wickedness in Poverty (1979)[actor]
Absolute Monarch (1980)[actor]
Blood Fingers (1980)[actor]
Don't Kill Me, Brother (1981)[actor][writer]
The Twist (1981)[actor]
New York Chinatown (1982)[actor][producer]
I Do! (1983)[actor]
The Militarism Revival v(1983)[actor]
Yellow Peril (1984) [actor]
Winner Takes All? (1984)[actor][producer]
A Hearty Response (1986)[producer]
Flaming Brothers (1987)[actor][producer]
Private Life (1987)[actor][producer]
The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)[actor]
Haunted Cop Shop 2 (1988)[actor]
As Tears Go By (1988)[producer]
Mr. Sunshine (1989)[actor]
My Dear Son (1989)[producer]
Vampire Buster (1989)[producer]
Return Engagement (1990)[actor][producer]
Gangland Odyssey (1990)[actor]
Days of Being Wild (1990)[producer]
Requital (1992)[actor]
Gun 'n Rose (1992)[actor][producer]
The Black Panther Warriors (1993)[actor][producer]
The Kung Fu Scholar (1994)[producer]
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