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Raymond To Kwok-Wai
(writer, director)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Shanghai Blues (1984)[writer]
Goodbye Mammie (1986)[writer]
Peking Opera Blues (1986)[writer]
Call Girl '88 (1988)[writer]
Mr. Sunshine (1989)[writer]
Shanghai Shanghai (1990)[writer]
To Spy with Love (1990)[writer]
When Fortune Smiles (1990)[writer]
Zodiac Killers (1991)[writer]
Shogun and Little Kitchen (1992)[writer]
Taking Manhattan (1992)[writer]
The Bride With White Hair 2 (1993)[writer]
I Have a Date with Spring (1994)[writer]
It's a Wonderful Life (1994)[writer]
Oh! My Three Guys (1994)[writer]
One of the Lucky Ones (1994)[writer]
The Returning (1994)[writer]
Sea Root (1995)[writer]
The Umbrella Story (1995)[writer]
Hu-Du-Men (1996)[writer]
Stooge, My Love (1996)[writer]
Ah Fai, the Dumb (1997)[writer]
The Mad Phoenix (1997)[writer]
My Dad is a Jerk (1997)[writer]
Ninth Happiness (1998)[writer]
The Doctor in Spite of Himself (1999)[writer]
What is a Good Teacher (2000)[writer]
Forever and Ever (2001)[writer][director]
Love Au Zen (2001)[writer]
May & August (2002)[writer][director]
Miss Du Shi Niang (2003)[director]
Perhaps Love (2005)[writer]
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