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Patrick Tse Yin
- actor - producer - director - writer -
Patrick Tse Yin Patrick Tse in Challenge of the Gamesters (1981) Patrick Tse in Shaolin Soccer (2001)
selected filmography
Taps off, Downstairs! (1954)[actor]
The Strange Case of Three Wives (1955)[actor]
Dial 999 for Murder (1956)[actor]
The 7 Heavens (1956)[actor]
The Newly-wed (1956)[actor]
Thinking the Wrong Way (1956)[actor]
The Fatherless Son (1956)[actor]
Brothers (1956)[actor]
Bloodshed in the Valley of Love (1957)[actor]
She Married an Overseas Chinese (1957)[actor]
The Whispering Palms (1957)[actor]
Murder on the Beach (1957)[actor]
The Nightly Cry of the Ghost (1957)[actor]
Brothers in Disguise (1957)[actor]
The Story of Her Life (1958)[actor]
The Love Thief (1958)[actor]
Those in Love (1958)[actor]
Tears of the Flower (1958)[actor]
The Brilliant Boy who Caught the Thief (1958)[actor]
The Heart-Stealer (1958)[actor]
A Chao is Getting Married (1958)[actor]
The Quarrelsome Lovers (1959)[actor]
Grass by the Lake (1959)[actor]
Tragedy of Love (1959)[actor]
Parents' Love Tears (1959)[actor]
Crime of Passion in the Mansion (1959)[actor]
Hollow Tree (1959)[actor]
Mad about Love (1959)[actor]
Orchid in the Storm (1959)[actor]
Moon Under the Palm Grove (1959)[actor]
Kind Mother and Naughty Son (1960)[actor]
Honeymoon Panic (1960)[actor]
Deep in Love (1960)[actor]
Autumn Leaf (1960)[actor]
The Story of the Great Heroes Part 1 (1960)[actor]
My Intimate Partner (1960)[actor]
Story of Great Heroes (Part 2) (1960)[actor]
The Stormy Night (1960)[actor]
Blossom in Rainy May Part 1 (1960)[actor]
Blossom in Rainy May Part 2 (1960)[actor]
Dail 999 for 24-hour Murder Case (1961)[actor]
Forever Beloved (1961)[actor]
Ghost that Was Not (1961)[actor]
Adventures of Genius Boy (1961)[actor]
Plighted Lovers (1961)[actor]
The Story of the Great Heroes Part 3 (1961)[actor]
The Story of the Great Heroes Part 4 (1961)[actor]
Conscience (1961)[actor]
How to Get a Wife (1961)[actor]
Romantic Thief (1962)[actor]
True Love (1962)[actor]
Pearl in a Bitter Sea (1962)[actor]
Love is What I Steal Part 1 (1962)[actor]
Love is What I Steal Part 2 (1962)[actor]
My Friend's Wife (1962)[actor]
A Time for Mourning (1962)[actor]
Love Forever (1963)[actor]
When Spring Comes (1963)[actor]
My Only Love (1963)[actor]
Tear-Laden Rose (1963) [actor]
The Heartbroken Flower (1963)[actor]
The Strange Hero 'Flying Swallow' (1963)[actor]
The Happy Bride (1963)[actor]
The Long-suffering Girl (1963)[actor]
The Heartless Lover (1964)[actor]
Our Dream Finally Comes True (1964)[actor]
Romantic Musketeer (1964)[actor]
The Beau (1964)[actor]
A Deadly Night (1964)[actor]
Track of a Chase (1964)[actor]
The Husband of a Lady (1965)[actor]
Sweetness of Love (1965)[actor]
Black Rose (1965)[actor]
Love has Many Faces (1965)[actor]
Black Holidays (1965)[actor]
Secrets of a Husband (1965)[actor]
Remorse (1965)[actor]
Lost in Love (1965)[actor]
The Lovely Red Begonia (1965)[actor]
Love Never Fades (1965)[actor]
Silent Love (1965)[actor]
The Red Rattlesnake (1965)[actor]
Agent Black Spider (1965)[actor]
Prince of Broadcasters (1966)[actor]
Legacy (1966)[actor]
Spy with My Face (1966)[actor]
The Detective (1966)[actor]
Go-go Teenager, A (1966)[actor]
The Thief with Baby Face (1966)[actor]
Black Peony (1966)[actor]
Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)[actor]
One Duel Too Many Part 1 (1966)[actor]
One Duel Too Many Part 2 (1966)[actor]
They Fought Shoulder to Shoulder (1967)[actor]
Revenger (1967)[actor]
Man from Interpol (1967)[actor]
The Professionals (1967)[actor]
The Young Ones (1967)[actor]
To Rose with Love (1967)[actor]
Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967)[actor]
Diamond Robbery (1967)[actor]
Beauty's Trap (1967)[actor]
Be My Love (Winter Love) (1968)[actor]
Purple Night (1968)[actor]
Always in Your Heart (1968)[actor]
Right to Love (1968)[actor]
Rhapsody (1968)[actor]
Window (1968)[actor]
Love with a Prodigal (1968)[actor]
Colourful Partners (1968)[actor]
Mad Dragon (1969)[actor]
Twin Guns (1969)[actor]
The Prodigal (1969)[actor]
The Gentleman Sword (1969)[actor]
The Charming Killer (1969)[actor]
The Invincible Eight (1971)[actor]
The Blade Spares None (1971)[actor]
Legends of Cheating (1971)[actor]
The Story of Ti-Ying (1971)[actor]
The Comet Strikes (1971)[actor]
The Hurricane (1972)[actor]
The Admarid Girl (1972)[actor]
Madness of Love (1972)[actor][director]
Love is a Four Letter Word (1973)[actor]
If Tomorrow Comes (1973)[cameo][producer/director]
The Suicide Murder (1974)[actor]
One Year's Fantasy (1974)[writer/director]
The Gigolo (1974)[actor]
Love In Cubicle (1974)[writer/director]
Where the Seagull Flies (1974)[actor]
Farewell Dearest (1974)[actor][director]
The Splendid Love in Winter (1974)[actor][writer/director]
The Silver Band (1974)[actor]
Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain (1975)[actor]
Sup Sap Bup Dup (1975)[actor]
Born Rich (1976)[actor][director]
Love In Hawaii (1976)[producer/director]
Confused Love (1977)[director]
The Discharged (1977)[actor]
Challenge of the Gamesters (1981)[actor]
Mahjong Heroes (1981)[actor]
Life After Life (1982)[actor]
Winner Takes All (1982)[actor]
Hong Kong Playboys (1983)[actor]
Killer's Nocturne (1987)[actor]
Flaming Brothers (1987)[actor]
Fortune Hunters (1987)[actor]
Rouge (1988)[actor]
Kawashima Yoshiko (1990)[actor]
Rebel from China (1990)[actor]
The Accident (1999)[actor]
Shaolin Soccer (2001)[actor]
Colour of the Truth (2003)[actor]
Tai Chi Hero (2012)[actor]
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