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Barry Wong Ping-Yiu
- writer, producer, actor -
Barry Wong in Fight Back to School (1991)  
selected filmography
Dragon Lord (1982)[writer]
Carry On Pickpocket (1982)[writer]
Winners and Sinners (1983)[actor][writer]
The Dead and the Deadly (1983)[writer]
A Fist Full of Talons (1983)[writer]
The Other Side of Gentleman (1984)[actor][producer][writer]
Double Trouble (1984)[writer]
Silent Romance (1984)[actor][writer]
Funny Triple (1985)[writer]
Friendly Ghost (1985)[writer]
My Lucky Stars (1985)[writer]
Affectionately Yours (1985)[writer]
Funny Face (1985)[writer]
The Intellectual Trio (1985)[writer]
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)[writer]
Heart of the Dragon (1985)[writer]
Mr. Vampire (1985)[writer]
Yes, Madam (1985)[writer]
Goodbye Mammie (1986)[writer]
Mr. Vampire II (1986)[writer]
Righting Wrongs (1986)[writer]
Lucky Stars Go Places (1986)[actor][writer]
The Millionaire's Express (1986)[writer]
Where's Officer Tuba? (1986)[writer]
Shyly Joker (1986)[writer]
Rosa (1986)[writer]
Eastern Condors (1987)[writer]
Love Soldier of Fortune (1988)[writer]
Haunted Cop Shop 2 (1988)[actor][writer]
The Killer (1989)[actor]
City Cops (1989)[writer]
Vampire Buster (1989)[writer]
Lost Souls (1989)[writer]
Pedicab Driver (1989)[writer]
Curry and Pepper (1990)[actor]
Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)[art director]
Family Honor (1990)[producer]
Whampoa Blues (1990)[writer]
She Shoots Straight (1990)[writer]
Pantyhose Hero (1990)[writer]
Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2 (1990)[writer]
The Fortune Code (1990)[writer]
Family Honor (1990)[writer]
The Outlaw Brothers (1990)[writer]
Crazy Safari (1991)[writer][producer]
Fight Back to School (1991)[actor][writer]
Scheming Wonders (1991)[actor][writer]
God of Gamblers 3: Back to Shanghai (1991)[actor]
Alan & Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye (1991)[actor][writer]
Slickers vs. Killers (1991)[writer]
Ghost Punting (1992)[writer]
A Kid From Tibet (1992)[writer]
Fun And Fury (1992)[writer]
Hard Boiled (1992)[writer]
Lethal Contact (1992)[writer]
The Twin Dragons (1992)[writer]
Operation Scorpio (1992)[writer]
Truant Heroes (1992)[actor]
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