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Dave Wong Kit
- actor - singer -
Dave Wong in Summer Breeze of Love (2002) Dave Wong in Esprit D'Amour (2001)
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       The son of veteran Taiwanese actor Wong Hap, Dave Wong Kit was born on October 20, 1962 in Taiwan, but grew up in Hong Kong and spent some of his formative years in the US. Long associated with a brooding, melancholy disposition, Wong is usually portrayed as somewhat of a wanderer, i.e. a solitary man who rides into the wind on his motorbike. On his own since his parents divorced (he was twelve at the time), Wong worked many odd jobs to make a living and eventually entered the rough and tumble world of the movie stuntman. He sustained many serious injuries during that time, resulting in many metal plates and screws being installed in his body. Even today, the metal detectors are triggered whenever Wong goes through airport security.
     The turning point for Wong came when he met Taiwanese record producer Li Shou Chuan and his career as a singer-songwriter began. His debut album was released at the end of 1987 in Taiwan and it quickly shot up the charts, staying there for six months. In 1989, Wong successfully conquered the Hong Kong music market, at the time an exceptional feat for a Taiwan-based recording artist. He went on to set records for sales of a debut album, weeks on the charts, and number of albums on the charts at the same time, thus making good on the declaration inscribed in the liner notes of his debut album: “Yesterday’s vagabond, Today’s star, Tomorrow’s legend”. However, the workload required to maintain his popularity soon took a toll on his health. Wong decided to leave the entertainment circle and take some time to convalesce, and in 1994 he emigrated to Canada. He was only gone a short while; in 1999 Wong signed with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) and officially returned to the HK entertainment industry.
     For the most part, Wong’s movie appearances have stayed in line with his overall melancholy image, with the possible exception of Summer Breeze of Love (2002), which is one of the few light-hearted entries in his filmography. The first films that Wong starred in were a duo of Taiwanese teen flicks directed by Chiu Yen-Ping (who recently announced plans to do a remake with Jimmy Lin in Wong’s role), Seven Wolves (TAIWAN 1989) and Seven Wolves II (TAIWAN 1989). His comeback film after returning from Canada was Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000), but it was more notable for Wong’s cool hair extensions than anything else. One of Wong’s better performances was probably that of Francis Ng’s loyal right-hand man in A War Named Desire (2000). His current film projects include appearances as a villain in two films, New Police Story and Heat Team. (Yinique 2004)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Casino Raiders 2 (1991)
Invincible (1992)
Roaring Wheels (2000)
A War Named Desire (2000)
Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000)
Espirit D'Amour (2001)
Return from the Other World (2002)
Summer Breeze of Love (2002)
Love is a Butterfly (2002)
Heat Team (2004)
New Police Story (2004)
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