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Wong Hei
Cantonese:  Wong Choi
- actor -
Wong Hei in Sai Kung Story (2003)

Single eye-lidded wonder Wong Hei was born on July 27, 1967. He started out as a DJ at Commercial Radio on May 1, 1992*, and has done everything from acting and hosting a weekly music show at TVB to putting out a few albums himself and directing some music videos. Wong has been a popular actor at TVB since the mid-90s and has played almost every type of law enforcement and public protection agent there is, including firemen, customs officials, CID agents, and witness protection operatives. This is not to say that he's played it safe with his career. Wong has logged daring performances in films like Mad Stylist (1997), where he played a bullied hairstylist turned serial killer, and The Accident (1999) in which he displayed remarkable chemistry with Ben Ng in his role as a gay mainland hustler. Wong was also nominated for a Golden Bauhinia Best Supporting Actor Award for his portrayal of a nihilistic triad youth in the Christian movie The Boss Up There (1999).

In 2000, Wong went au naturel for a pictorial book, "Access Wong Hei", the proceeds of which were donated to charity. "Access" has been ranked favorably against other male pictorials and has been particularly popular among gay communities across Asia. Wong's popularity among this demographic has even eclipsed that of perennial favorites Simon Yam and Elvis Tsui. The HK media, of course, jumped on this line of discussion and have circulated various rumours and speculations in relation to Wong's sexual orientation. But those looking for public confirmation or denial by him are in for a long wait. Despite often exhibiting a chatty and verbose persona both on and offscreen, Wong has been notoriously private and fiercely protective over his personal life, refusing to allow it to be exploited for entertainment purposes. However, he has openly revealed the fact that he is a cat lover. (Yinique 2005)
*The date is so precise because it is often cited as the day "Wong Hei" (which is not his original name) the entertainer was born, indicating the strict line Wong draws between what he does for a living and who he is as a person.

selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Dr. Mack (1995)
Passion 1995 (1995)
Husbands & Wives (1995)
The Killer has no Return (1996)
Mystery Files (1996)
Stooge, My Love (1996)
Mad Stylist (1997)
Love is not a game, but a joke (1997)
The Boss Up There (1999)
The Accident (1999)
Sworn Revenge (2000)
Undercover Blues (2000)
Zhan You (2001)
Angel Model (2002)
Love in Garden Street (2002)[V]
Memento (2002)[V]
Sai Kung Story (2003)[V]
The Story of the Soccer Bet (2003)
The Dark Side of My Mind (2003)
Touches of Love (2003)
Men in a Blue Mood (2004)[V]
My Baby Shot Me Down (2004)
Close to You (2010)
Color Me Love (2010)
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