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Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King
Year: 1999
Eric Kot, Gallen Law and Sam Lee
Director: Joe Ma Wai-Ho
Cast: Gallen Law Ka-Leung, Gigi Leung Wing-Kei, Eric Kot Man-Fai, Liz Kong Hei-Man, Sam Lee Chan-Sam, Lai Yiu-Cheung, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Philip Keung Ho-Man, David Lee Seung-Man, Matt Chow Hoi-Kwong, Wu Feng
The Skinny: Humorous little film that has some fun moments, but none scathing enough to make it a suitable satire on HK's economic downturn.
by Kozo:
     After the amusing but atrocious He Comes From Planet K, Joe Ma can only improve - and he does with this likable comedy that lampoons HK’s unemployment problems. Gallen Law is a rich exec who gets downsized by his boss’ son (David Lee) after his boss (Spencer Lam) dies. 
     Unable to reclaim his job or lost fortune, he falls in with a band of beggars led by Eric Kot. These aren’t everyday beggars, though. These are pros, who network and perform to get their own piece of the beggar market share. Gallen follows suit, using Hello Kitty and freak shows as tools to rake in the handouts. 
     However, he eventually decides that he wants to go legit again, especially after he falls for the cute Gigi Leung, heiress to a small pharmaceutical distributor. Run by Leung and her mom, the business is in danger of collapsing. Law takes it upon himself to help, but as usual there are assorted hijinks that get in the way. Among them: explaining his existence as a beggar, and dealing with his former rival, who becomes his romantic rival as well. 
     The plot itself is rather haphazard - this is just a series of jokes, but they’re pleasant jokes at least. TV star Gallen Law does a fine job as the lead, and Eric Kot and Sam Lee turn in good support. Gigi Leung may never be Maggie Cheung, but at least she’s developing a likable and more animated screen persona. This is a silly movie with some grating moments, but other genuinely funny ones. Joe Ma scores in his usual unspectacular manner. (Kozo 1999)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Mei Ah Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles

image courtesy of Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd.

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