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Don't Stop My Crazy Love for You
AKA: Can't Stop My Crazy Love for You "Now I'll definitely get those pictures of Ekin and Gigi!"
Simon Yam takes up photography
Year: 1993
Director: Victor Hon Wai
Producer: Nam Yin
Writer: Nam Yin, Wong Wan-Choi, Chau Ting
Cast: Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Yvonne Yung Hung, Michael Wong Mun-Tak, Wan Yeung-Ming, Law Lan
The Skinny: Trashy Category III stalker flick shocks and disturbs, but only occasionally. Simon Yam is ultra-amusing as rapist Fred, which is pretty screwed-up if you think about it.
by Kozo:
     This tasteless rape fantasy stars Simon Yam as an obviously-addled security specialist named Fred. He's obsessed with pretty news reporter Kitty Wong (Yung Hung), so he stalks her non-stop. His techniques include moving near her, photographing her with very long telephoto lenses, and—get this—sleeping with a mannequin that he dresses up to resemble her. Kitty soon realizes that some creep is stalking her, so she hires a security specialist to safeguard her life and home. Too bad she hires Fred as said security specialist. Michael Wong co-stars as Kitty's boyfriend, so naturally Fred doesn't like him very much.
     What follows is standard stalker-movie shtick that's sent off-kilter by screwy cuteness and a lack of any real suspense. The climax of the film is a bit unexpected, but the shock value only lasts so long. Otherwise, this is a pretty average Category III film that thankfully doesn't go too far graphically. Most of the over-the-top activity is reserved for Simon Yam, who acts up such a storm that you'd think he had multiple awards on the line. Portrayed in typical hammy Yam style, Fred is a lovable psychotic who's amusingly self-confident. He'd almost be cute if he weren't such a wacky deranged lunatic. This movie is probably most famous for the following subtitle: "You shot my dicky! You are that cruel!" For that, this film could almost be labeled a classic. (Kozo 1996/1998)
image courtesy of Ocean Shores Licensing, Ltd.
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