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Jackie Chan and Anita Mui in Miracles
AKA: Mr. Canton and Lady Rose
AKA: The Canton Godfather
Chinese: 奇蹟  
Year: 1989
Director: Jackie Chan
Cast: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui Yim-Fong, Gua Ah-Leh, Wu Ma, Richard Ng Yiu-Hon, Bill Tung Piu, Gloria Yip Wan-Yi, Lo Lieh, Billy Chow Bei-Lei, Chor Yuen, Ricky Hui Koon-Ying, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Yuen Biao, Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau, John Sham Kin-Fun, Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Anthony Chan Yau, Lawrence Cheng Tan-Shui, May Lo Mei-Mei, Mars, Tai Bo, Ray Lui Leung-Wai, Lui Fong, Billy Lau Nam-Kwong, Amy Yip Chi-Mei, Kenny Bee, Lau Siu-Ming, Wu Feng, Melvin Wong Kam-Sum, Alvina Kong Yan-Yin, Lee Hoi-Sang, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Shum Wai, Jue Tit-Woh, Fung Hak-On, Regina Kent, Chan Ging, Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching, Suki Kwan Sau-Mei, Edmond So Chi-Wai, Law Lan
The Skinny: A Jackie Chan movie that balances action and comedy with a consistent, enjoyable story. One of his best movies.
by Kozo:

One of Jackie Chan’s finest achievements is this screwball action-comedy remake of Frank Capra’s Pocketful of Miracles. Chan plays Kwok, a country bumpkin who’s new to Hong Kong and ends up taking over a local crime syndicate when a dying boss mistakenly fingers him as his successor. With absolutely no idea how to run a mob, Kwok receives constant counsel from his number one (Wu Ma). Things are rough at first, but eventually Kwok earns the respect of his gang. He attributes his success to the roses he buys from the poor Madame Rose (Gua Ah-Leh), a local flower lady. His gang refits their nightclub hangout into a fashionable club dubbed The Ritz, and they hire showgirl Yang Yu-Ming (Anita Mui) as their star attraction.

Determined to do something good, Kwok gets his chance when Madame Rose’s daughter (Gloria Yip) comes to town with a rich fiancee in tow. It seems Madame Rose has been paying for Gloria’s education by sending her money and pretending she’s a rich woman. Kwok and Yu-Ming decide to aid Madame Rose in an elaborate deception in order to ensure a smooth engagement. Things spiral out of control, as there’s some local gang tension, as well as the snoopy local cops (led by a comedic Richard Ng). Chan handles everything with terrific flair; the stunts and fight scenes are among his most imaginative. This is like a Frank Capra movie directed by Buster Keaton. Filled with action, humor, and cameos galore, this film is an absolute delight and a must for all Jackie Chan fans. (Kozo 1997)

Awards: The 9th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards
Winner - Best Action Design (Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association)
Nomination - Best Actor (Jackie Chan)
Nomination - Best Editing (Cheung Yiu-Chung)
Nomination - Best Art Direction (Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 3 NTSC
Joy Sales
16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Dolby Digital 5.1 / DTS 5.1
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles
Various Extras
*Also Available on Blu-ray Disc
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