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Wing Chun
Year: 1994 "Beat me and you win this tofu!"
Fighting for tofu: Michelle Yeoh in Wing Chun
Director: Yuen Woo-Ping
Action: Yuen Woo-Ping, Yuen Sun-Yi, Donnie Yen Ji-Dan
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Waise Lee Chi-Hung, Norman Chu (Tsui Siu-Keung), Catherine Hung Yan, Yuen King-Tan, Yuen Cheung-Yan
The Skinny: Light and funny action comedy featuring a charming Michelle Yeoh and scads of well-choreographed, entertaining action.
by Kozo:
     Queen-of-kicks Michelle Yeoh is Wing Chun, tomboyish proprietor of the local tofu stand. She gets involved in a Three's Company-type mistaken identity crisis when her childhood love (Donnie Yen) reappears and mistakes the beautiful young Miss Soybean (Catherine Hung) for Wing Chun. Causing even more problems are the amorous affections of a rich, but daffy scholar (Waise Lee). Also, bandits bother everyone, and their boss (Norman Chu) likes Wing Chun, too. Hell, apparently everyone likes Wing Chun. And there's fighting. 
      Yuen Woo-Ping (Tai-Chi Master) directed this fun action-comedy that showcases Yeoh’s impressive physical skills, as well as a comedic charm that's quite becoming. This is a strangely happy little movie where no one dies, and even the HK-style melodrama is kept to a minimum. Instead there's wacky antics from the overacting Waise Lee and a surprising comedic performance from Donnie Yen. Even more, the action sequences are creative and wildly entertaining. The highlight of the picture is a stunning sequence where Wing Chun fights while balancing a tray of tofu in the air. For those just dabbling outside of the typical John Woo/Jackie Chan fan-favorites, this is a sure-bet next move.
(Kozo 1995)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Modern Audio
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
English and Chinese Subtitles

image courtesy of Tai-Seng Video Marketing, Ltd.

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