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Working Class
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AKA: Working Class Blues
Sam Hui, Teddy Robin and Tsui Hark
Year: 1985
Director: Tsui Hark
Cast: Sam Hui Koon-Kit, Joey Wong Cho-Yin, Teddy Robin, Tsui Hark, Kwan Hoi-San, Ng Man-Tat, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Bolo Yeung, Shum Wai, David Wu Dai-Wai
The Skinny: A lesser-known but still very worthy entry in Tsui Hark's filmography.
by Kozo:
     A surprisingly effective comedy, this wack-fest was made between two of Tsui Harkís undeniable classics: Shanghai Blues and Peking Opera Blues. Working Class follows the exploits of three low-income fellows (Sam Hui, Teddy Robin, and the man himself, Tsui Hark) as they struggle to muddle through their dissatisfying lives. Hui is a bachelor who lives with mom and vows never to marry rich. Unfortunately, his new girlfriend Joey Wong is secretly the daughter of a rich instant-noodle magnate. Worse still, Hui finds himself working at her factory with two of his chief rivals (Robin and Tsui). Only after various factory hijinks do the three join forces to ridicule management and keep the factory running. 
     There is a bouncy fifties feel to Tsuiís modern comedy. The factory is a communal place of camaraderie and bright, day-glo dreams. However, there is an abnormal amount of political hubbub mixed in with the four-color fun. Management (led by a younger, slimmer Ng Man-Tat) is a diabolical unit who use such weapons as chicanery and arson to put down the little guy and make off with the dough. It isnít until the Proletariat join forces to better the factory that they can give management their well-deserved comeuppance. Oh, and Sam Hui gets the girl. Tsui Harkís direction is as scattershot and screwball as ever, but it works in giving us this minor eighties gem. By eighties HK standards, that is. (Kozo 1997)
Theme song: "The Most Important Thing Is To Have Fun" by Sam Hui
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Awards: The 5th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards
Nomination - Best Song ("The Most Important Thing Is To Have Fun", performed by Sam Hui Koon-Kit)
Availability: VCD (Hong Kong)
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