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The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge:
Jackie Chan is Everywhere

Jackie Chan spotted in Hong Kong by Paul Tambellini! Not a hoax! 11/2004
Sanjuro visits Jackie's Kitchen in Hawaii! Orders food and takes photos in the bathrooms! 11/2004


Jackie Chan spotted in Hong Kong
submitted by Paul Tambellini

Reader Paul Tambellini snapped these photos over two years ago while visiting HK. According to his own account:

"I was walking around one day in Tsimshatsui and I saw a commercial being shot. Well it turned out to be Jackie Chan. So I took a few photos and said, 'Ok I think I'll go to Victoria Peak,' and guess who showed up to do more commercials. Jackie Chan."

Jackie Chan out by Hong Kong Harbor in Tsimshatsui >>


(left) Another shot of Jackie Chan out in Tsimshatsui. Wanchai can be seen across the harbor.

(right) For those wanting an even closer look at the Chanmeister, here's an enlarged shot.

(below) The two photos below were taken from Victoria Peak. We have no idea who the bearded guy front left is. Sir, if you're reading this, please identify yourself.



Jackie's Kitchen in Hawaii
submitted by Sanjuro reviewer recently relocated to the sunny shores of Hawaii, which is famous for its beaches, Japanese tourists, and now a restaurant bankrolled by the world's most famous Chinese guy not named Yao Ming. Jackie's Kitchen had its nominal Grand Opening this past summer, and a brief tour of its establishment is not forthcoming. Nevertheless, here are some photos Sanjuro snapped.

The signage for Jackie's Kitchen >>


Some posters from inside the restaurant. What's interesting about them is A) their sometimes non-HK origin, and B) thier placement. Reportedly, at least one of these posters was found in the lavatory. If film quality is the deciding factor, then Gorgeous is the likely candidate. But reportedly, the new toilet poster is The Medallion.

Japanese poster for Miracles >>

<< Japanese poster for Gorgeous.


Jackie's Kitchen is famous for its "flair bartenders", who likely could have been extras from the 1988 Tom Cruise flick Cocktail. Otherwise, Jackie's Kitchen is reportedly an agreeable theme restaurant with a tasty mixture of Asian fusion dishes and standard burger-and-fries platters. If you happen to visit Hawaii, it's probably a fun place to visit. You might see Sanjuro there, and you could always say sent you. However, if asked, we would flatly deny ever saying so.

<< Hong Kong poster for Who Am I?.

A possibly overpriced drink from Jackie's Kitchen. The glass will cost you an extra $8.00.

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