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Ho Meng-Hua
- director -
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Romance in the West Chamber (1955)[writer]
The Mystery of the Human Head (1955)[writer]
Autumn Affair (1956)[writer]
An Appointment after Dark (1958)[director]
Red Lantern (1958)[director]
The Model's Romance (1959)[director]
Day-Time Husband (1959)[director]
Enchanted Melody (1959)[writer/director]
The Wild Girl (1960)[writer/director]
Rendezvous in the South Sea (1960)[director]
Malayan Affair (1960)[writer/director]
East Flows the River (1960)[director]
The Secret of Miss Pai (1960)[director]
The Girl Next Door (1961)[director]
Till the Clouds Roll by (1961)[director]
To Catch a Murderer (1963)[director]
My Lucky Star (1963)[director]
Adulteress (1963)[director]
The Warlord and the Actress (1964)[director]
Monkey Goes West (1966)[director]
Princess Iron Fan (1966)[director]
The King with My Face (1967)[director]
Cave of the Silken Web (1967)[director]
The Midnight Murder (1967)[director]
Susanna (1967)[director]
The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)[director]
Killer Darts (1968)[director]
The Jade Raksha (1968)[director]
Vengeance is a Golden Blade (1969)[director]
Lady of Steel (1970)[director]
The Lady Hermit (1971)[director]
The Long Chase (1971)[director]
The Black Enforcer (1972)[director]
The Human Goddess (1972)[writer/director]
Ambush (1973)[director]
Kiss of Death (1973)[director]
Master of Kung Fu (1973)[director]
The Sinful Adulteress (1974)[director]
Young Passion (1974)[director]
The Flying Guillotine (1975)[director]
Night of the Devil's Bride (1975)[director]
All Mixed Up (1975)[director]
Black Magic (1975)[director]
The Golden Lion (1975)[director]
Mighty Peking Man (1975)[director]
The Criminals (1976)[director]
The Dragon Missile (1976)[director]
Oily Maniac (1976)[director]
Black Magic Part 2 (1976)[director]
The Vengeful Beauty (1978)[director]
The Psychopath (1978)[director]
Shaolin Hand Lock (1978)[director]
Abbot of Shaolin (1979)[director]
Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979)[director]
Swift Sword (1980)[director]
Mr. Kwong Tung and the Robber (1980)[director]
Evil Black Magic (1992)[director]
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