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Teddy Robin
- actor - director - producer - composer -
Teddy Robin in To Spy with Love (1990) Teddy Robin in All the Wrong Clues (1981) Teddy Robin in Working Class (1985)
selected filmography
The Price of Love (1970)[actor]
The Saviour (1980)[composer]
All the Wrong Clues (1981)[actor]
Aces Go Places (1982)[composer]
Chasing Girls (1981)[composer]
It Takes Two (1982)[actor]
All the Wrong Spies (1983)[actor][director]
Banana Cop (1984)[actor][producer]
Lifeline Express (1984)[actor]
The Occupant (1984)[producer]
Working Class (1985)[actor]
City on Fire (1987)[composer]
The Legend of Wisely (1987)[actor][director]
You're My Destiny (1987)[actor]
As Tears Go By (1988)[composer]
The Eighth Happiness (1988)[actor]
Three Against the World (1988)[actor][composer]
Tiger on the Beat (1988)[composer]
Bloody Brotherhood (1989)[composer]
Reincarnation of Golden Lotus (1989)[producer]
Farewell China (1990)[producer]
Kawashima Yoshiko (1990)[producer]
Shanghai Shanghai (1990)[director]
To Spy with Love (1990)[actor][producer][composer]
The Banquet (1991)[cameo]
Fruit Punch (1991)[producer]
The Great Pretenders (1991)[actor]
Legend of the Brothers (1991)[composer]
Cageman (1992)[actor]
Full Contact (1992)[composer]
Twin Dragons (1992)[actor]
Lady Supercop (1993)[composer]
Ms Butterfly (1993)[composer]
Temptation Of A Monk (1993)[producer]
The Private Eye Blues (1994)[composer]
Victory (1994)[producer]
The Adventurers (1995)[composer]
Hong Kong Graffiti (1995)[actor][director/producer][composer]
Black Mask (1996)[composer]
Hitman (1998)[composer]
The Pye-Dog (2007)[executive producer]
The Moss (2008)[executive producer][composer]
Permanent Residence (2009)[composer]
Gallants (2010)[actor][music]
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010)[actor]
Merry-Go-Round (2010)[actor]
Tales From the Dark 2 (2013)[actor][director]
Doomsday Party (2013)[actor][producer][writer]
She Remembers, He Forgets (2015)[producer]
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