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Ivan Lai Kai-Ming
- director - producer -
selected filmography
Coolie Killer (1982)[composer]
Angel (1987)[action]
Thank You, Sir (1989)[director]
Jail House Eros (1990)[producer]
The Blue Jean Monster (1991)[director]
Erotic Ghost Story 3 (1992)[director]
Daughter Of Darkness (1993)[director/writer]
Ancient Chinese Whorehouse (1994)[director]
Daughter of Darkness 2 (1994)[director]
A Fake Pretty Woman (1995)[director]
Love, Guns & Glass (1995)[director]
The Imp (1996)[director/producer]
The Peeping Tom (1997)[director/producer] (1998)[director]
The King of Debt Collecting Agent (1999)[director]
The Kingdom of Mob (1999)[director]
The Lord of Amusement (1999)
True Love (2000)[director]
Troublesome Night 9 (2001)[director]
Hot Rod (2001)[director]
Prison on Fire - Plaintive Destiny (2001)[director]
Feng Shui and Gambling (2001)[director]
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