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Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
- director - producer -
- writer - Van Damme enabler -
selected filmography
Esprit D'Amour (1983)[director]
The Other Side of Gentleman (1984)[director]
Cupid One (1985)[director][writer]
Aces Go Places 4 (1986)[director][writer]
City on Fire (1987)[director]
Prison on Fire (1987)[director]
School on Fire (1988)[director]
Wild Search (1989)[director][producer]
A Moment of Romance (1990)[producer]
Undeclared War (1990)[director][producer]
Prison on Fire 2 (1991)[director]
Touch and Go (1991)[director]
The Twin Dragons (1992)[director][actor]
Full Contact (1992)[director][producer]
Burning Paradise (1993)[director]
The Adventurers (1995)[director][writer]
Maximum Risk (USA 1996)[director]
Full Alert (1997)[director][producer]
The Suspect (1998)[director]
Victim (1999)[director][writer][producer]
Replicant (2001)[director]
Looking for Mr. Perfect (2003)[director/writer]
In Hell (2003)[director]
Triangle (2007)[co-director][producer]
Wild City (2015)[director][writer]
Sky on Fire (2016)[director][writer]
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