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Damian Lau Chung-Yun
- actor -
Damian Lau in My Father is a Hero (1995) Damian Lau in Duel to the Death (1983) Damian Lau in Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) Damian Lau in What Price Survival (1994)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979)
The Enigmatic Case (1980)
Duel to the Death (1983)
Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) 
Profile in Anger (1984)
The Brave and the Coward (1986)[director only]
School on Fire (1988)
The Story of My Son (1990)
Inspector Pink Dragon (1991)
Royal Tramp (1992)
Royal Tramp 2 (1992)
She Starts the Fire (1992)[cameo]
Shanghai Heroic Story (1992)
The Heroic Trio (1993)
Executioners (1993)
The Magic Crane (1993)
Holy Weapon (1993)
Murder (1993)
The New Legend of Shaolin (1994)
What Price Survival (1994)
Tian Di (1994)
My Father is a Hero (1995)
Best of the Best (1996)
First Option (1996)
Ah Kam (1996)
Lifeline (1997)
New Born (2005)
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)
14 Blades (2010)
Making Family (2016)
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