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David Lee Wai-Seung
AKA: David Lee Seung-Man
David Lee in Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King (1999) David Lee in (1998) David Lee in Visible Secret 2 (2002) David Lee in Sharp Guns (2001)
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selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
A True Mob Story (1998) (1998)
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King (1999)
Victim (1999)
Bullets Over Summer (1999)
The Duel (2000)
Those Were the Days (2000)
A War Named Desire (2000)
Everyday is Valentine (2001)
From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001)
Cop on a Mission (2001)
To Be No. 1 - Shepherd (2001)
Troublesome Night 11 (2001)
Sharp Guns (2001)
Feng Shui and Gambling (2001)
Interactive Murders (2002)
Don't Let the Sun Go Down (2002)
Devil Face, Angel Heart (2002)
Visible Secret 2 (2002)
Sleeping with the Dead (2002)
Psychedelic Cop (2002)[V]
Modern Cinderella (2002)[V]
The Hidden Enforcers (2002)
The Wall (2002)
Haunted Office (2002)
The Untold Story - Sudden Vanished (2002)
The New Option: The Assassin (2003)
My Troublesome Buddy (2003)
Moving Targets (2004)
The Heavenly Kings (2006)
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