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Leung Hung-Wah
AKA: Tony Leung Hung-Wah
- director - producer - writer -
selected filmography
Mobfix Patrol (1981)[actor]
The Ghost Snatchers (1986)[writer]
Born to Gamble (1987)[writer]
The Big Brother (1987)[writer]
Happy Go Lucky (1987)[actor]
Happy Together (1989)[writer]
A Bite of Love (1990)[writer]
BB 30 (1990)[writer]
Heart into Hearts (1990)[actor][writer]
In the Line of Duty 5 (1990)[writer]
Forbidden Arsenal (1991)[writer]
His Fatal Ways (1991)[writer]
To Catch a Thief (1991)[writer]
Sea Wolves (1991)[writer]
The Perfect Match (1991)[writer]
All for the Gamblers (1991)[writer]
Heart Against Hearts (1992)[actor]
Best Of The Best (1992)[producer]
Taxi Hunter (1993)[writer/producer]
Lamb Killer (1993)[writer/producer]
Bomb Disposal Officer Baby Bomb (1994)[writer/producer]
A Gleam of Hope (1994)[writer/producer]
New Tenant (1995)[writer/producer]
The Killer has No Return (1996)[writer/producer]
Mystery Files (1996)[director/producer]
Take Five (1998)[writer/producer]
A Wicked Ghost (1999)[writer/director/producer]
Who's the Assassin (1999)[producer]
Cruel Zone (1999)[producer]
Cyber War (1999)[producer]
Killing Maze (1999)[producer]
A Lamb in Despair (1999)[director]
Nuclear Weapon (1999)[producer]
A Game of No Rule (2000)[writer/director/producer]
Black Blood (2000)[producer]
Queenie & King the Lovers (2000)[writer/director/producer]
Guilty or Not (2000)[writer/producer]
Ransom Express (2000)[writer/producer]
Sound from the Dark (2000)[writer/director/producer]
Return to Dark (2000)[writer/director/producer]
A Wicked Ghost 2: The Fear (2000)[writer/producer]
Vampire Controller (2001)[writer/director/producer]
A Fight to the Finish 2003 (2003)[director]
The Assailant (2003)[writer/director/producer][actor]
We're Not The Worst (2003)[director]
The Dark Side of My Mind (2003)[director]
PTU File - Death Trap (2005)[director]
Demoniac Flash (2005)[director]
A Wondrous Bet (2005)[director]
Half Twin (2006)[writer/producer]
Sweet Revenge (2007)[writer/producer]
The Sparkle in the Dark (2008)[director]
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