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Lo Kim-Wah
- director -
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
New Tenant (1995)[exec. director]
Heartbeat 100 (1987)[asst. director]
The Eighth Happiness (1988)[asst. director]
Lucky Encounter (1992)[asst. director]
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)[asst. director]
They Don't Care about Us (1996)[director]
Cause We are So Young (1997)[asst. director]
Love Cruise (1997)[asst. director]
Sunshine Cops (1999)[director]
Marooned (2000)[director]
Bullets of Love (2001)[exec. director]
Shadow (2001)[director]
The Irresistible Piggies (2002)[director]
The White Dragon (2004)[assoc. director]
We Are Family (2006)[director]
It's a Wonderful Life (2007)[asst. director]
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