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Lo Wei
AKA: Luo Wei
- director - writer - producer - actor -
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Quest for a Long-Lost Husband (1950)[actor]
The Troubled Love of Wang Kui and Gui Ying (1952)[actor]
Prisoner of Love (1952)[actor]
Lover Eternal (1953)[actor]
Heaven of Love, Sea of Sin (1953)[actor]
Diary of a Husband (1953)[actor]
Notorious Woman (1953)[actor]
A Woman of Throbbing Passions (1953)[actor]
White Dappled Snake (1954)[actor]
A Romantic Girl has Her Romantic Debts (1954)[actor]
Rose I Love You (1954)[actor]
Blood-Stained Flowers (1954)[director][actor]
Yang E (1955)[actor]
Lady Balsam's Conquest (1955)[actor]
Lady Balsam's Conquest Part 2 (1955)[actor]
Beauty of Tokyo (1955)[actor]
Miss Kikuko (1956)[actor]
Songs of the Peach Blossom River (1956) [actor]
The Error (1956)[actor]
Red Bloom in the Snow (1956)[actor]
The Flame of Love (1956)[actor]
Surprise (1956)[actor]
Blind Love (1956)[actor]
Beyond the Blue Horizon (1956)[actor]
Xi Shi (1956)[actor]
Madame Butterfly (1956)[actor]
Fresh Peony (1956)[actor]
The Chase (1956)[actor]
River of Romance (1957)[writer/director][actor]
A Mating Story (1957)[actor]
Booze, Boobs and Bucks (1957)[actor]
Love and Crime (1957)[actor]
Lady Sings the Blues (1957)[actor]
Jade-Green Lake (1958)[director]
Golden Phoenix (1958)[director][actor]
Little Darling (1958)[actor]
The Blood-Stained Lantern (1958)[actor]
Torrents of Desire (1958)[actor]
Wild Fantasies (1958)[actor]
Calendar Girl (1959)[actor]
Red Turn the Flowers when Down Come the Showers (1959)[actor]
Full of Joy (1959)[actor]
Love Letter Murder (1959)[actor]
Lovers in a Sea of Desire (1959)[actor]
Springtime on the Beach (1959)[actor]
Sophisticated Lady (1959)[actor]
Song from a Haunted House (1959)[actor]
All in the Family (1959)[actor]
48 Hours in Escape (1959)[actor]
The Adventure of the 13th Sister (1959)[actor]
Tragic Melody (1960)[director]
The Tender Trap of Espionage (1960)[director]
Black Butterfly (1960)[director]
Nobody's Child (1960)[actor]
A Shadow over the Chateau (1960)[actor]
Tragic Melody (1960)[actor]
The Tender Trap of Espionage (1960)[actor]
Beauty Parade (1961)[actor]
Meng Lisi, Maid of the Jungle (1961)[director][actor]
The Witch-Girl, He Yueer (1961)[actor]
Song without Words (1961)[director][actor]
The Girl with the Golden Arm (1961)[actor]
Crusade Against Daddy (1962)[actor]
A Fine Romance (1962)[actor]
The Golden Arrow (1963)[director][actor]
Little Lotus (1963)[actor]
The Magic Lamp (1964)[director][actor]
The Better Halves (1964)[director]
An Affair to Remember (1964)[director]
Romance of the Forbidden City (1964)[actor]
The Crisis (1964)[actor]
Crocodile River (1965)[director][actor]
Call of the Sea (1965)[director][actor]
Squadron 77 (1965)[actor]
The Golden Buddha (1966)[director][actor]
Angel with the Iron Fists (1967)[director][actor]
Madame Slender Plum (1967)[director][actor]
Summons to Death (1967)[director][actor]
Forever and Ever (1968)[director][actor]
Black Butterfly (1968)[director][actor]
Angel Strikes Again (1968)[director][actor]
Death Valley (1968)[director][actor]
Dragon Swamp (1969)[director][actor]
Raw Courage (1969)[director][actor]
The Golden Sword (1969)[writer/director][actor]
Brothers Five (1970)[director][actor]
The Invincible Eight (1971)[director]
The Comet Strikes (1971)[writer/director][actor]
The Blade Spares None (1971)[writer]
The Eunuch (1971)[writer]
Vengeance of a Snowgirl (1971)[director]
The Big Boss (1971)[writer/director]
The Shadow Whip (1971)[director][actor]
The Hurricane (1972)[writer/director][actor]
Fist of Fury (1972)[writer/director][actor]
A Man Called Tiger (1973)[writer/director]
Back Alley Princes (1973)[writer/director][actor]
Seaman No. 7 (1973)[writer/director]
None but the Brave (1973)[writer/director][actor]
The Tattooed Dragon (1973)[writer/director]
Chinatown Capers (1974)[writer/director]
Naughty! Naughty! (1974)[writer/director][actor]
Yellow Faced Tiger (1974)[writer/director]
The Bedeviled (1975)[writer/director]
The Girl with the Dexterous Touch (1975)[director]
Shantung Man in Hong Kong (1975)[writer/director]
New Fist of Fury (1976)[writer/director][cameo]
The Killer Meteors (1976)[director][exec. producer]
Four Hands of Death (1977)[exec. producer]
Kung Fu Kid (1977)[writer/director]
To Kill with Intrigue (1977)[director][exec. producer]
Magnificent Bodyguards (1978)[director]
Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1978)[exec. producer]
Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)[producer/director]
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1978)[exec. producer]
Fearless Hyena (1979)[writer]
The Challenger (1979)[producer]
Big Boss of Shanghai (1979)[producer]
Dragon Fist (1979)[director]
The Rebellious Reign (1980)[producer]
Dangerous Person (1981)[producer]
Devil Fetus (1983)[producer]
Fearless Hyena Part 2 (1983)[director][exec. producer]
Taoism Drunkard (1984)[exec. producer]
The Young Taoism Fighter (1986)[producer]
Walking Beside Me (1986)[producer]
Split of the Spirit (1987)[producer]
News Attack (1989)[actor]
Triad Story (1990)[actor]
A Chinese Legend (1991)[producer]
Money Maker (1991)[producer]
Wizard's Curse (1992)[producer]
Forced Nightmare (1992)[producer]
Blade of Fury (1993)[producer]
Her Judgement Day (1993)[producer]
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