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Wu Jing
AKA: Jacky Wu
- actor -
Wu Hing in SPL (2005) Wu Jing in Drunken Monkey (2002)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Tai Chi 2 (1996)
The Legend of Zu (2001)
Drunken Monkey (2002)
SPL (2005)
Fatal Contact (2006)
Twins Mission (2007)
Invisible Target (2007)
Fatal Move (2008)
L For Love, L For Lies (2008)
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)
Legendary Assassin (2008)[also co-director]
Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (2009)
Just Another Pandora's Box (2010)
City Under Siege (2010)
Love Tactics (2010)
Wind Blast (2010)
Shaolin (2011)
Magic to Win (2011)
Badges of Fury (2013)
Wolf Warriors (2015)[also writer/producer/director]
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015)
Call of Heroes (2016)
A Chinese Odyssey: Part III (2016)
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