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Annie Yi
AKA: Annie Shizuka Inoh
- actor - model - singer -
Annie Yi Annie Yi Annie Yi  
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Naughty Cadets on Patrol (1987)
Emergency Police Lady (1989)
Good Men, Good Women (1995)
Goodbye South Goodbye (1996)
Cry Under the Moon (1997)
Jade Flowers of Shanghai (1998)
Call For Love (2007)
Crossed Lines (2007)
The Double Life (2010)
Ancient Town Affection (2010)
Will Tomorrow Ever Come (2010)
My Kingdom (2011)
Coming Back (2011)
Perfect Baby (2011)
Just Try Me (2012
The Assassins (2012)
Timeless Love (2013)
The Queens (2015)
The Spirit of the Swords (2015)
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