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Zhang Yimou
- director - writer - producer -actor -
- cinematographer - former arthouse darling -
selected filmography
One and Eight (1983)[cinematographer]
Yellow Earth (1984)[cinematographer]
Old Well (1986)[cinematographer/actor]
The Big Parade (1986)[cinematographer]
Red Sorghum (1987)[actor]
Codename Cougar [aka: The Puma Action](1989)[director]
Terracotta Warrior (1989)[actor]
Ju Dou (1990)[director]
Raise the Red Lantern (1991)[director]
The Story of Qiu Jiu (1992)[director]
To Live (1994)[director]
Shanghai Triad (1995)[director]
Hua Hun (1995)[writer]
Lumiere and Company (1995)[director]
Dragon Town Story (1997)[producer]
Keep Cool (1997)[director/actor]
The Road Home (1999)[director]
Happy Times (2001)[director]
Hero (2002)[writer/director/producer]
2046 (2004)[producer]
House of Flying Daggers (2004)[director/writer]
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (2005)[director]
Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)[director]
A Simple Noodle Story (2009)[director]
Under the Hawthorn Tree (2010)[director]
The Flowers of War (2011)[director]
Coming Home (2014)[director]
Lady of the Dynasty (2015)[co-director]
Suddenly Seventeen (2016)[producer]
The Great Wall (2016)[director]
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