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People Archive - Foreign Crew


This page is reserved for actors and crew members of non-Chinese descent who just so happen to A) appear in lots of Hong Kong movies, B) work on lots of Hong Kong movies, C) have something somewhere to do with at least one (1) Hong Kong movie, or D) be someone we felt like putting here.

People Archive A - C (Anya to Chung)
People Archive D - K (Fok to Kwong)
People Archive L - R (Lai to Ren)
People Archive S - W (Sham to Wu)
People Archive X - Z (Xiong to Zhao)
People Archive - Foreign Crew


Allan, Bradley James
Aoyama, Chikako

Doyle, Christopher
Fujiwara, Norika
Higuchi, Asuka
Hwang Jang-Lee
Kurata, Yasuaki
Langdon, Reuben
Lee Na-Young
Nakamura, Toru
Nishiwaki, Michiko
Norton, Richard
Oshima, Yukari
Rothrock, Cynthia
Smoorenburg, Ron
Sorimachi, Takashi
Tanaka, Chie
Tokiwa, Takako
Urquidez, Benny "The Jet"
Van Damme, Jean-Claude
Yamamoto, Mirai

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*This actor filmography also features a short biography Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen