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City Cop


"I'm feeling quite feisty today!"
Danny Lee as Yoda in City Cop

Herman Yau Lai-To


Danny Lee Sau-Yin


Chin Kar-Lok, Yi Tin-Hung

Cast: Michael Chow Man-Kin, Ben Ng Ngai-Cheung, Parkman Wong Pak-Man, Peter Yung Kam-Cheung, Danny Lee Sau-Yin, Tam Suk-Mui, Mak Kei
The Skinny: Typical cop action drama from director Herman Yau and producer Danny Lee.
by Kozo:
     By-the-numbers cop action from Herman Yau, the man who made human pork buns an institution. Michael Chow stars as Michael Chow, a Rambo cop who Breaks All the Rules™. He's paired with sensible family man Parkman Wong and the two take on a vicious jewelry robber played by Ben Ng. As you would expect, the two different partners spend a lot of time butting heads over Chow's maverick attitudes. Thankfully, there's Danny Lee around to dispense pearls of wisdom. He plays the SDU captain, who's basically Yoda without the green skin and natty white hair. As HK action dramas go, this one is competently done with suitable acting and a decent enough plot. Still, you'll know this is a Hong Kong film thanks to the cheesy montages and sappy pop songs (O Para Paradise?). As the partners, Michael Chow and Parkman Wong have chemistry, though Chow lacks the charisma for his part. A better-than-average effort, which is also better than nothing. (Kozo 1996)

image courtesy of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen