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I'm Your Birthday Cake
Year: 1995
Chingmy Yau 
Director: Raymond Yip Wai-Man
Producer: Wong Jing
Cast: Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching, Dior Cheng Yee-Kin (Ekin Cheng), Kong Wah, Michael Wong Mun-Tak, Amanda Lee Wai-Man, Chan Fai-Hung
The Skinny: Sleazy and politically incorrect, but still somewhat watchable. Chingmy Yau turns in a sexy, likable performance.
by Kozo:
     Nice girl Cher (Chingmy Yau) gets an Indecent Proposal. Water Lam (Dior Cheng) has a problem: his brother (Kong Yup) is paralyzed from the waist down, and has been for years. Suddenly, the sight of Cher gives him the first erection he's had since the accident. Water is desperate to bring back his brother's prowess, so he propositions Cher to sleep with his brother. Cher needs $30 million for a family crisis so Water offers to pay her that amount. 
     After the obligatory moral issues, it comes out that Cher knows zip about being a sex kitten (What? Chingmy Yau doesn't know how to act sexy?). Water decides to find her a teacher:  Michael Wong as Honey Chan, flaming homosexual and Henry Higgins to Cher’s Eliza Doolittle. All seems to be going well until Water falls for Cher. Then, Cher falls for Water. Honey spars constantly with Chingmy’s pal Sorry (Amanda Lee), leading to a subplot that you can see an ocean away. 
     Politically correct, this movie most definitely is not. Aside from the usual HK sexual politics decreeing that all homosexuals need to be "straightened" out, a large portion of the film is spent leering at Chingmy Yau's nubile form. Amazingly, this movie is actually decent, and has an identifiable understated romantic tone. Still it is frequently sleazy, not to mention un-PC and even offensive. However, you could still do worse than this movie. (Kozo 1996)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Mei Ah Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
English and Chinese subtitles
image courtesy of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen